Articles by Anya Levitov

Market Will Remain at Current Levels for the Foreseeable Future

  • 25 September 12
  • Evans Property Services
In spite of cold weather and gloomy skies, the business season has opened with more activity on the real estate market than many expected. While the supply of new commercial space remains stable and low, tenant activity is moderate to high, which is higher than expected.

The Mortgage Minefield

When taking out a mortgage in Russia, it is hard not to think of the worst-case scenario -- not being able to pay back the loan and losing the apartment to the bank.

New York a Bargain in Comparison to Moscow

Moscow is the most expensive city in the world for the second year in row. According to the yearly rating by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Moscow is 34.4 percent more expensive than New York. How accurate is this rating?