Articles by Valeria Korchagina

Trutnev Issues Sakhalin Deadline

The natural resources minister says Sakhalin Energy has one month to correct environmental violations.

World Oil Prices Dip Below $60 Mark

World oil prices fell to a six-month low Monday and briefly dipped below $60 per barrel on the back of relative stability in the Middle East and better weather in the Gulf of Mexico.

Water Main Explodes, Claiming SUV

A sport utility vehicle was swallowed up by a hole of mud and pavement, and a major street was briefly flooded after a water main exploded Sunday in northern Moscow.

Shell Faces Sakhalin Stumbling Block

The Natural Resources Ministry on Monday revoked its environmental approval of Shell's Sakhalin-2 project in an apparent intensification of the state's attack on oil and gas projects operated by foreign majors under production sharing agreements.

Shuvalov Says State Will Sell Off Rosneft

Kremlin aide Igor Shuvalov on Sunday said state-controlled oil firm Rosneft would be ""fully privatized"" within the next three to 10 years.

Central Banker Andrei Kozlov Shot Dead

  • 15 September 06
  • Staff Writers
Andrei Kozlov, who had spearheaded the campaign against fraudulent banks and money laundering as the No. 2 official at the Central Bank, died of gunshot wounds early Thursday.

WTO Still One Year Away, Minister Says

  • 14 September 06
  • Staff Writers
Russia will not join the World Trade Organization before the end of 2007 at best, Economic Development and Trade Minister German Gref said Wednesday.

Gasoline Prices to Stay Put, Gref Says

The economic development and trade minister adds that the state has ""a moral right"" to demand oil companies' cooperation.

Watchdog Checks More Wine

After having banned imports of Georgian and Moldovan wine, the country's chief heath inspector, Gennady Onishchenko, said he was checking imported wine from China and Ukraine on health and quality grounds.

RSPP Founder Arkady Volsky, 74, Dies

Arkady Volsky, who is credited with preventing an industrial collapse after the Soviet demise and founded the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, died Saturday in Moscow. He was 74.

S. African Company Eyes Media Holding

Naspers could buy the holding that controls Trud and Argumenty i Fakty.

Dreaming of a Tidy, Terrorist-Proof Toilet

Russia may have failed so far to negotiate entry into the World Trade Organization, but it's still a member of the WTO. That's WTO as in World Toilet Organization.

Turkmen Gas to Be Hiked by 50%

Gazprom on Tuesday said it had struck a three-year deal with Turkmenistan to buy its gas for $100 per 1,000 cubic meters -- a 50 percent hike on the current price of $65.

3 Ways to Survive With No Governor

Chukotka's administration is offering Moscow three proposals on how to end the region's dependence on Abramovich's money.

City of Flying Dogs, Farm of Arctic Foxes

f any place qualifies as being at the end of the world, it is certainly Chukotka. Almost everything is extreme in Russia's northeasternmost region, including its location, harsh weather and even the unusually large and aggressive mosquitoes that make a shockingly loud crunching sound when squashed.

Chukotka Wonders What's Next

Unbeknown to most of the world, the residents of Chukotka are deeply worried. They wonder what will happen when their much-adored governor, Roman Abramovich, leaves for good.

Pre-Election Budget to Hike Wages, Pensions

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov says the increase in the government's social spending is unprecedented.

No Survivors in Jet Crash in Ukraine

A Pulkovo Airlines Tu-154M jet carrying at least 169 passengers and crew members from the Black Sea resort of Anapa to St. Petersburg crashed Tuesday afternoon near the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, killing everyone on board.

Electricity Grid Facing Acute Crisis

The country's electricity network faces an acute crisis due to a lack of investment, Unified Energy Systems chief Anatoly Chubais told President Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine Gas Prices to Remain Steady

Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov signaled Wednesday that Ukraine would not have to pay more for Russian natural gas until at least the end of the year.

Yanukovych Faces Tough Sochi Talks

Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych heads to the Black Sea port of Sochi for a two-day visit Tuesday with hopes of winning a better deal on gas and showing that his country's often rocky relations with Russia can be improved during his new tenure.

U.S. Punishes Arms Trader, Sukhoi

The United States has slapped sanctions on state arms trader Rosoboronexport and jetmaker Sukhoi, accusing them of helping Iran acquire weapons of mass destruction. Officials in Moscow reacted angrily, criticizing Washington for attempting ""to impose U.S. laws on foreigners.""

Court Declares Yukos Bankrupt

The Moscow Arbitration Court ordered the bankruptcy and liquidation of Yukos on Tuesday, putting the last nail in the coffin of the country's one-time biggest oil major.

Burst Pipe in Bryansk Rattles Oil Markets

A rusted pipe in Russia’s key oil-export pipeline system burst over the weekend, spilling 48 tons of oil in the western Bryansk region, emergency situations officials announced Monday.

WTO Talks Founder Over U.S. Meat Exports

Officials deny the failure to strike a deal could delay a decision on Shtokman.

WTO Talks Go Down to the Wire

Kudrin says agreement has been reached, but U.S. officials say a number of issues are yet to be resolved.

Putin Looks to Preempt Criticism

President Vladimir Putin took a jab at U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney over a hunting accident Wednesday, apparently hoping to pre-empt any Western criticism of a rollback of democracy at this weekend's G8 summit.

WTO Deal Set for G8 Summit

Russia and the United States seem set to strike a deal on Russia's entry to the World Trade Organization either on Friday or during this weekend's Group of Eight Summit in St. Petersburg.

WTO Agreement Expected in Weeks

  • 26 June 06
  • Staff Writers
After a protracted, highly politicized struggle between Russia and the United States over Russia's bid to join the World Trade Organization, Russian negotiators and two people familiar with the U.S. position said a bilateral agreement could be just weeks away.

Democracy and Reform for New Customs Chief

He identifies himself as a democrat. He wants his subordinates to earn at least $1,000 per month. He holds a doctorate in economics and worked for the KGB in East Germany at the same time as Vladimir Putin.