Articles by Victoria Lavrentieva

Come Fly With Me and Test Your Patriotism

A couple weeks ago, I was flying back to Moscow from my vacation on Thailand's Phuket Island. I was relaxed and happy. It was a regular Aeroflot flight, and the plane was one of the best that you can expect for a long-distance flight.

Corporations Head West for Cheaper Capital

Russian companies are tapping international capital markets at an unprecedented pace, pushing foreign investment volumes to all-time highs while driving down borrowing costs, which perpetuates the trend.

Market Matures on Strategic Buying

The equity markets are booming, with trading volumes hitting all-time highs and the benchmark index at levels not seen since the 1998 economic crisis.But it is not the quantity of the action that is catching the attention of economists so much as the quality.

Dmitriyev Fights Uphill Pension Battle

Mikhail Dmitriyev has had little success persuading the government to accelerate pension reforms.

Russian Stocks Set Record in London

As the RTS surged to six-year highs, the country's stocks turned in a chart-topping week in London, with last week's trading volumes reaching $1.28 billion, the London Stock Exchange said Monday.

Rosbank Executive Takes Over MICEX

At its annual meeting Thursday, MICEX shareholders replaced Alexander Zakharov with Rosbank deputy chairman Alexander Potyomkin.

CB: Banks Disguised $5Bln as 'PR'

In a rare affront to the sector he oversees, Central Bank Chairman Sergei Ignatyev lashed out at the banking industry Wednesday for spiriting offshore the ruble equivalent of $5 billion last year under the guise of paying for ""marketing services.""

Market Watchdog on Patrol as Pension Fund Flood Nears

The nation's stock market watchdog is racing against time to improve the corporate behavior of publicly traded companies before a flood of federal Pension Fund money hits the markets.

IFC to Loan 2 Central Bank Subsidiaries $100M Each

The International Finance Corp. said Monday that it plans to give $100 million loans to two Central Bank subsidiaries to help the banks improve their lending base and attract new investors.

MICEX Trade to Boost Gazprom Liquidity

MICEX will begin trading in local Gazprom shares as early as May 15, depriving rival RTS of one of its major advantages over the nation's top exchange.

Stock Trades Hit $585M on Oil Firm Rumors

Nearly $600 million worth of Russian stocks traded hands on domestic and foreign exchanges on Wednesday alone, nearly double the daily average.

Banking Giants Square Off for Retail Primacy

The world's largest financial retailer and the leading domestic commercial bank are taking the battle for primacy in Russia's booming retail lending market to a new level.

Corporate Behavior Given Mixed Reviews

Vimpelcom held on to top spot in the Institute of Corporate Governance and Law's latest quarterly report.

EU Says Expansion Aids Russia

EU trade chief Pascal Lamy inexplicably canceled his trip to Moscow on Friday, but the message he was meant to bring from Brussels was delivered just the same -- a bigger Europe is better for Russia.

Fitch Sees Russia's Star Rising Fast

Fitch, the world's third-largest international credit agency, plans to catch up with rivals S&P and Moody's by upgrading Russia's sovereign rating.

IMF Cuts Outlook for Russia, World

The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday doused optimism among government officials that the Russian economy could buck the global economic downturn.

Central Bank Invites Banks to Talk Back

The Central Bank on Monday opened a discussion forum on its site that it hopes will spark a constructive dialogue with the banking community it oversees.

Kasyanov Gets Soviet in Pension Fund Spat

Mikhail Kasyanov's warning to Mikhail Dmitriyev reflects the growing tension over pension system reform.

S&P: Most Bank Lending Risky

Up to 75 percent, or $43 billion, of all corporate loans made by Russian banks are high-risk, according to a new report by Standard & Poor's.

FSC Empowered to Probe, Punish Fixers

Market players and legal experts fear the Federal Securities Commission's new powers could create a monster out of the watchdog.

Funds Await Mass Repatriation

Some investment funds believe the next stage of growth will come from Russians repatriating money sent abroad.

Illarionov: Economy Lagging Behind CIS

Russia is not only losing its position in the world economy, it has already lost its position as the economic engine of the former Soviet Union, presidential economic adviser Andrei Illarionov said on Wednesday.

New Rule Adds Teeth to Banking Oversight

The Central Bank got new teeth this week in its campaign to root out inflated capital estimates from the country's banking system, amid bankers' worries about just what shape those teeth will take.

Aton: Look Abroad to Tap Russian Oil

Little-known foreign companies are gaining the attention of Moscow brokerages looking to satisfy growing customer demand for oil assets.

Same Old Dream: Normal Banking

As a senior government official when the Soviet Union collapsed and a leading banker when the economy collapsed, Pyotr Aven knows better than most what can go wrong in Russia.

Is Cyprus Revealing Ownership Secrets?

The nation's stock market watchdog and lead advocate for sound corporate pratices has found itself at the center of an international scandal thanks to recent remarks made by its chairman, Igor Kostikov.

GDP Grows by 6.1% in First Two Months

The five core sectors of the economy -- industry, agriculture, construction, transportation and retail -- grew 6.1 percent year on year in January and February.

Officials Agree Economy Safe From War Effects

  • 21 March 03
  • Staff Writers
The war in Iraq may be threatening to drive the world apart, but senior Russian officials are united on the short-term effects it will have on the domestic economy -- little or none.

Report Says Services Outpace Production

The service sector grew last year at a faster rate than the production sector for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the World Bank said Wednesday.

Banks See Little Progress on Reforms

Two years have passed since the government approved its highly-touted concept for reforming the country's unwieldy banking system, but bankers expressed frustration Tuesday that a lack of political consensus on how to proceed has ground reforms to a halt.