Articles by Louis Meixler

Neighboring Armies Squeeze Iraq's Kurds

  • 11 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Hundreds of Kurds had to flee their homes in the mountain village of Razqa, Iraq, when artillery shells came whistling down from Iran early this month, blowing apart their homes and livestock.

EU Talks End a Dangerous Deadlock

  • 05 October 05
  • The Associated Press
If Europe had shut the door on Muslim Turkey's dreams for membership in the European Union, nationalism and distrust of the West would have skyrocketed, making relations with the West more difficult and undermining hopes of using Turkey as a bridge between East and West.

Following the Money Trail to the Rebels

  • 22 September 04
  • The Associated Press
Pro-Chechen activists are increasingly going underground to funnel money secretly to fighters in Chechnya as post-Sept. 11 government crackdowns and Russian pressure choke off what was once a flow of hundreds of millions of dollars to the republic, say Chechens and experts familiar with the funding.

Iraq Militants Threaten 'Another Vietnam'

  • 12 May 04
  • The Associated Press
Gunmen attacked a U.S.-run civilian convoy in Iraq's western desert Tuesday and some personnel were unaccounted for, U.S. officials said.

U.S. Plans to Upgrade Turkish Military Bases

  • 05 December 02
  • The Associated Press
U.S. officials are looking at investing hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade Turkish military bases that could be used in a war with Iraq.

Turkish Troops Take Charge in Kabul

  • 21 June 02
  • The Associated Press
Turkey, NATO's only Muslim member, took command Thursday of the 19-nation international peacekeeping force guarding the Afghan capital, renewing a military association that dates back 80 years

Arms Find Escalates Mideast Tension

  • 09 January 02
  • The Associated Press
The Palestinian Authority said Tuesday it will question government officials accused by Israel of trying to smuggle Iranian arms, while an Israeli Cabinet minister criticized the United States for its muted response to the affair.

Uzbeks Sew Coats for Afghans

  • 17 December 01
  • The Associated Press
In the heartland of Uzbekistan, a newly implemented UNICEF project is working to better the lives of the country's disadvantaged women by sewing coats for Afghan children.

Militant-Weary Uzbeks Tout Mystic

  • 15 September 00
  • The Associated Press
Uzbeks are working to maintain their branch of Islam, one that is not smiled upon by fundamentalists.

Azerbaijan's First Elected President Dies at 62

  • 23 August 00
  • The Associated Press
Abulfaz Elchibey, a former dissident who became the first elected president of Azerbaijan following the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union, died Tuesday. He was 62.

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