Articles by Mikhail Delyagin

A Formula for Improving Competitiveness

It is true that Russia lacks global competitiveness and suffers low labor productivity. This subject is often presented, however, from a one-sided perspective, and little attention is paid to the contributing factors behind the problem.

Considering the Social Good

Efficacy is a factor in any judgment of economic policy. But when trying to understand the nature of a particular phenomenon, the analysis is often refined to the point of losing what the very essence of the question was in the first place.

Budget Mysteries

If you keep making the same mistake over and over, you end up running down a winding road from minor inaccuracies to total absurdity. The government's budget policy in the first half of 2005 suggests that the guys who pull the purse strings are nearing the end of this unfortunate road.

The Impending Crisis and History's Challenge

For five long years, you could sell just about anything with the ""President Vladimir Putin"" brand.

The Next Oligarchs

The Yuganskneftegaz auction was pulled off in the best Putinesque tradition of unpredictability: The more confidence the public had that the auction would have a certain outcome, the less likely this outcome became.

Charting a Course for Haiti

The authors of the 2005 federal budget low-balled the projected revenue figure in order to ensure that the government would receive a windfall in excess of that figure that could then be allocated quickly -- and therefore even less transparently than usual.

The Power Vertical Is Built on Sand

Instead of the ""dictatorship of the law"" we were promised during the post-Yeltsin hangover, we are witnessing the formation of a ""dictatorship of mediocrity,"" a symbiosis of liberal fundamentalists and siloviki as simple as the gastrointestinal tract that is digesting Russia's petrodollars and the country along with them.

When Turnabout Is Not Fair Play

In the spring of 1999, then-Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov set off on an official visit to the United States. Over the mid-Atlantic, however, Primakov ordered his pilot to turn the plane around and return to Moscow.

Incomes Sink in Rising Tide of Oil

Having bounced back from the 1998 default, Moscow is now the world's third-most expensive city.

Who Will Cash In on Welfare Reform?

Complexes picked up at a tender age manifest themselves in various ways in later life.

The Price of a Worthless Government

Until mid-April, the stock market had enjoyed more than a year of steady growth.

MinFin Electioneering

Official federal budget data cast light on the use of a qualitatively new ""political technology"" in President Vladimir Putin's Russia: The ""shock"" financing of politically and socially sensitive budget items in the run-up to elections.

From Purge to Consolidation

Although the nomination of Mikhail Fradkov as prime minister this week was no less unexpected than the dismissal of the Kasyanov government, there are objective reasons for it.

The 'Pager-ization' of Democracy

For all its predictability, the outcome of the State Duma elections this month came as a real shock.

Beating the Sword of Bankruptcy

The business of hostile takeovers has become probably the most profitable sector of the Russian economy.

WTO: Myths and Realities

It is very important to dispel certain myths surrounding Russia's possible accession to the WTO.

What a Waste of a Year

2001 was the year in which hopes were crushed and Russia's economic boom ran out of steam.