Articles by Sarah Karush

Chrysler Cuts Deliveries in Response to Lagging Sales

  • 21 September 06
  • The Associated Press
Faced with vehicles languishing on its U.S. dealer lots, DaimlerChrysler said Tuesday that it would slash retail deliveries by nearly 24 percent in the third quarter.

GM Restructuring Begins to Pay Off

  • 27 July 06
  • The Associated Press
General Motors said Wednesday that it lost $3.2 billion in the second quarter as it absorbed heavy charges for its massive restructuring program.

Struggling GM to Gain $14Bln for Finance Arm

  • 04 April 06
  • The Associated Press
General Motors, which is struggling to turn around its North American automaking operations, announced Monday that it had reached an agreement to sell a 51 percent stake in its finance arm.

Severstal's U.S. Bid Backed

  • 26 November 03
  • The Associated Press
A U.S. court has named Severstal as the lead bidder for Rouge Industries Inc., a Rouge spokesman said.

U.S. Steel Fights Severstal Bid

  • 17 November 03
  • The Associated Press
U.S. Steel has filed a legal challenge to Severstal's offer to buy Rouge Industries Inc. in what could be the prelude to a bidding war for the company.

Far East Hunt Goes On for Chopper

  • 22 August 03
  • The Associated Press
Rescuers combed the mountains and volcanoes of the Kamchatka Peninsula for the second day Thursday.

Nuclear Watchdog Chief's Vow

  • 11 August 03
  • The Associated Press
New Gosatomnadzor chief Andrei Malyshev said Friday that he was committed to preserving the independence of the nuclear safety watchdog.

A Tiny Group Rallies for Peace

  • 22 July 03
  • The Associated Press
With the same unrelenting regularity with which federal troops unleash artillery barrages, about two dozen protesters gather every Thursday on Pushkin Square.

Ex-Diplomat Moiseyev Fights to Clear His Name

  • 15 July 03
  • The Associated Press
Valentin Moiseyev was a successful career diplomat when security agents showed up at his door five years ago and turned his quiet life upside down.

Activists: Detention of 55 Was Sham

  • 25 June 03
  • The Associated Press
A triumphant announcement by security officials that 55 members of a banned Islamic group had been detained was a sham designed to show that Russia is fighting terrorism, a human rights group said Tuesday.

Soyuz Crew Docks Safely With Space Station

  • 29 April 03
  • The Associated Press
The three residents of the international space station helped two newcomers through the hatch Monday, the start of a five-day hand-over that will be fraught with challenges.

Analysts Warn Against Knee-Jerk Anti-Americanism

  • 17 April 03
  • The Associated Press
Moscow was right to oppose Washington over Iraq, but Russian leaders must be cautious not to fall into Soviet-style, knee-jerk anti-Americanism that might not always serve the country's interests, leading politicians and experts said Wednesday.

1,500 Protest Chechen War

  • 14 April 03
  • The Associated Press
About 1,500 people rallied in the center of Moscow on Saturday in one of the biggest protests against the war in Chechnya since it began 3 1/2-years ago.

Chechens Say Troops Blowing Up Corpses

  • 14 March 03
  • The Associated Press
Chechens and human rights campaigners say fragments of blown-up bodies are being found all over the region.

Gil-Robles Backs Chechen Referendum

  • 17 February 03
  • The Associated Press
On Saturday Alvaro Gil-Robles, a top European human rights official, endorsed the planned referendum in Chechnya as the beginning of a path to peace.

Activists: Chechens Being Targeted

  • 29 January 03
  • The Associated Press
Scores of innocent Chechens have been jailed and at least one beaten to death in what appears to be a brutally misguided anti-terror campaign by Moscow police, human rights advocates and detainees' relatives said Tuesday.

Russia Proposes Package, Not Pressure

  • 13 January 03
  • The Associated Press
Russia believes it is too early to take the North Korea issue to the United Nations Security Council and is proposing a so-called package plan addressing an array of concerns in the crisis, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Saturday.

Putin Agrees to Look Into Siege

  • 18 November 02
  • The Associated Press
President Vladimir Putin has pledged to appoint an official to answer lingering questions about last month's hostage crisis and the conduct of law enforcement authorities.

Funds Lacking for Chemical Disarmament

  • 12 November 02
  • The Associated Press
The top official in charge of destroying Russia's chemical arsenal said Monday that the biggest threat to the program was a lack of certainty in funding.

Russia Slams New Draft on Iraq

  • 23 October 02
  • The Associated Press
Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov on Tuesday sharply criticized the new U.S. draft of a United Nations Security Council resolution on Iraq, saying it does not meet the criteria that Russia considers important for resolving the crisis, news reports said.

Yefimov Recalls Brushes With History

  • 30 September 02
  • The Associated Press
Boris Yefimov, the Soviet Union's most celebrated political cartoonist, has had a front seat on the roller coaster of the 20th century.

UN Resumes Work in Chechen Towns

  • 10 September 02
  • The Associated Press
The United Nations said Monday that it was resuming its humanitarian programs in Chechnya on Monday after a six-week suspension that it had announced to protest the kidnapping of a Russian aid worker.

The Life of a Putin Look-Alike

  • 03 September 02
  • The Associated Press
Wherever he goes, Anatoly Gorbunov is greeted by awed gazes, whispers and requests for his picture. Gorbunov is just a regular guy -- who happens to bear a striking resemblance to President Vladimir Putin.

Chopper Crash Claimed 114 Lives

  • 21 August 02
  • The Associated Press
A helicopter crash that killed 114 people in Chechnya was most likely caused by a rebel attack from the ground, the prosecutor general said Tuesday.

Carelessness Fuels Rising Number of Fire Deaths

  • 20 August 02
  • The Associated Press
Fifty people die every day in Russia due to fires caused mostly by smoking or just plain carelessness, a figure nearly five times larger than in the United States.

Hardworking Chinese Harvest the Steppe

  • 15 August 02
  • The Associated Press
Willing to work from dawn until nightfall and to sleep in cramped, makeshift barracks, Chinese have solved the problem faced by many farmers who struggled to find workers.

Meeting With Ustinov, Judd Raises Abuses in Chechnya

  • 12 July 02
  • The Associated Press
A top European human rights official accused Russian prosecutors Thursday of foot-dragging in the investigation of several alleged massacres by the military in Chechnya.

U.S., Russia Develop GM Potato

  • 06 June 02
  • The Associated Press
More than half a century after U.S. food shipments introduced the dreaded Colorado beetle into Russia's potato fields, scientists from both countries have developed a genetically engineered potato resistant to one of Russia's worst agricultural pests, officials announced Tuesday.

Russia's 'Amerika' Finds It Can't Live by Peat Alone

  • 22 May 02
  • The Associated Press
Amerika is a forsaken corner of the Earth, where towns that once thrived are left to rot and rust in a swamp and hardworking people are abandoned in their old age.

Litvinenko Still Challenging FSB

  • 16 May 02
  • The Associated Press
When Alexander Litvinenko worked for the Federal Security Service, his job was to try to infiltrate and topple terrorist networks. Today he is fighting what he claims is the country's biggest terrorist group: his former employer.