Articles by Patrick Lannin

House on The Corner Linked Riga to Siberia

  • 06 March 08
  • Reuters
Pitch-black corridors, the stink of damp and peeling walls give the impression of a medieval dungeon: The Russian writing on heavy metal doors hints at the building's true purpose.

Aging Nuclear Plant Has Town on Edge

  • 11 February 08
  • Reuters
When Lithuania's sole nuclear power station closes next year, European Union officials will sigh with relief, but nearby residents are already fretting over the future of their town.

Keeping Shmoozing Alive in Lithuania

  • 25 October 07
  • Reuters
VILNIUS, Lithuania -- If you are having a shmooze over some nosh, but maybe you do not like schmaltz then, whether you know it or not, you are speaking Yiddish.

Baltic Realty Boom Loses Steam

  • 11 September 07
  • Reuters
Amid world fears of a global credit crunch, the small Baltic states are starting to see property prices falling after almost five years of spectacular gains.

Global Spending Hits $1.12 Trillion

  • 20 June 06
  • Reuters
U.S. spending in Iraq and Afghanistan is expected to help push global military expenditure further up in 2006 after hitting $1.12 trillion per year, a research body said.

Alfa Secures 13% Turkcell Stake

  • 29 November 05
  • Reuters
Alfa Telecom has sealed a deal for 13 percent of Turkish mobile firm Turkcell, prompting legal action from Nordic group TeliaSonera, whose plans for control of Turkcell have been dashed.

Latvians Upset Swedish Order

  • 30 August 05
  • Reuters
""It's easier with a Latvian,"" promises the recruitment agency's web site. To drive the point home, it adds that staff from the Baltic state will cut a Swedish employer's wage costs by 50 percent.

Iceland's Businesses Explore New Markets

  • 30 June 05
  • Reuters
A gleaming new bank building, just a step away from the house where Cold War leaders Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, presidents of the United States and Soviet Union, respectively, met in 1986, is one of the most visible signs of Iceland's economic transformation.

WTO Strikes Historic Trade Deal

  • 02 August 04
  • Reuters
Rich and poor nations struck a historic deal Sunday to slash billions of dollars in farm subsidies, create more open industrial markets and revive stalled world trade talks that could boost global growth.

Deadline Looms Over Trade Talks

  • 13 July 04
  • Reuters
Five key trading nations made some progress at weekend talks, but cautioned that many obstacles still lay ahead of an end of July deadline for an outline accord on global trade, officials said.

EU Slaps U.S. With $300M in Sanctions

  • 02 March 04
  • Reuters
The European Union imposed sanctions on the United States for the first time on Monday as a dispute over tax breaks for U.S. firms turned into a trade war that could cost American exporters $300 million this year.

Ryanair Loses Its Dogfight With EU

  • 04 February 04
  • Reuters
Outspoken Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary lost a dogfight with European Union regulators Tuesday when his low-cost carrier was ordered to repay some of the subsidies it receives for flying to Belgium's Charleroi regional airport.

EU, Russia Rift Derails Energy Transit Pact

  • 15 December 03
  • Reuters
Attempts to draw up new international rules on the transit of oil, gas and power have foundered over a disagreement between major players the European Union and Russia, the body overseeing the talks said Thursday.

U.S.-EU Trade Tension Threatens WTO Future

  • 09 September 03
  • Reuters
As representatives from the two top trading powers, their relationship could make or break the talks to liberalize commerce.

Saudi Arabia Set to Join WTO in 2004

  • 02 September 03
  • Reuters
Oil-rich Saudi Arabia expects to complete long-running negotiations with the World Trade Organization this year, with entry in early 2004, the country's trade minister said Sunday.

EU Mulls How to Slap $4Bln Duties on U.S.

  • 13 September 02
  • Reuters
The EU could collect $4 billion of punitive duties on everything from U.S. nuclear power plant components to nuts and vegetables under sanction plans being considered this week, officials said Wednesday.

U.S. Loses $4Bln WTO Ruling

  • 02 September 02
  • Reuters
The European Union won approval Friday to slap a record $4 billion in sanctions on the United States over illegal U.S. export tax breaks, scoring a key victory against its giant trading partner.

European Commission Calls For U.S. Sanctions

  • 22 April 02
  • Reuters
The European Commission wants EU states to approve duties of 100 percent on a range of U.S. goods from June to retaliate for new U.S. steel import duties, its proposal on the trade measures said Saturday.

Thanks to Price, Lada Stays Queen of the Road

  • 26 February 02
  • Reuters
Of the more than 1 million new cars sold in Russia in 2001, some 70 percent were made by AvtoVAZ, while new foreign cars accounted for less than 10 percent of the market.

Russia Urges Quicker Solution for Caspian

  • 25 February 02
  • Reuters
Though progress is being made in the dispute over the Caspian's oil, a quick solution is necessary.

AvtoVAZ Chief Woos Creditors or Investors

  • 30 January 02
  • Reuters
AvtoVAZ needs investment to help it develop its next range of cars, according to the head of the company.

Ford, GM Plants Ready to Roll

  • 24 January 02
  • Reuters
Ford and GM have announced that plans to begin making cars in Russia are on target to start this year.

Ruble Starts 2002 With 1.5% Dip

  • 10 January 02
  • Reuters
Analysts are unfazed at the ruble's weak start to 2002, saying low oil prices have undermined the ruble.

IMF: Good Policy Protects Russia From Oil Drop

  • 21 December 01
  • Reuters
Russia is safe from recession and can repay all its foreign debts in 2002 according to the IMF.

Ruble Dives 11 Kopeks to 30.19

  • 14 December 01
  • Reuters
Russia's foreign reserves fell for the second time in two weeks as concern over lower oil prices grows.

Kudrin: No Repeat of 1998 Crisis

  • 20 August 01
  • Reuters
As Russians recalled the financial crisis which hit their country in 1998, officials assured them that a repeat of the crisis that was felt around the world was not possible.

World Bank Now Cautiously Upbeat

  • 13 August 01
  • Reuters
The World Bank's chief economist for Russia expressed cautious optimism about the country's outlook.

No End in Sight in Battle for Caspian

  • 06 August 01
  • Reuters
Tensions are rising over the division of the Caspian Sea and its billions of dollars of oil wealth.

Putin Tells Deputies to Beat Deadline

  • 10 July 01
  • Reuters
President Putin urged the government and the State Duma on to crack on with laws to reform the economy.

Slow, Steady GDP Growth Forecast

  • 25 June 01
  • Reuters
Slower Russian growth in the first quarter was expected said analysts commenting on data released Friday.