Articles by Maureen Dowd

A Plague of Toadies

I went to see the magical ""Pericles'' at the Shakespeare Theater in Washington the other night.

Will Osama Help W.?

Some people thought the October surprise would be U.S. President George W. Bush producing Osama.

Testosterone, Opportunism: Fatal Cocktail

In his ""60 Minutes"" interview, Bill Clinton calls his intern idyll ""a terrible moral error,"" illuminating ""the darkest part of his inner life.""

Working on a Wince From John Kerry

A few years back, some Hollywood television producers I know were thinking about making a sitcom with Cher.

A Tale of Bush's Two Fathers

It's a classic story line in myth, literature and movies: a man coming into his own is torn between two older authority figures with competing world views; a good daddy and a bad daddy; one light and benevolent, one dark and vengeful.

All Gunsmoke and Mirrors

  • 15 September 03
  • The New York Times
This is how bad things are for President George W. Bush: He's back in a dead heat with Al Gore.

Schwarzenegger's Run Is Purely Entertainment

  • 13 August 03
  • The New York Times
Arnold Schwarzenegger is hoping his campaign will be a Charles Atlas moment in reverse.

Walk This Way

  • 22 May 03
  • The New York Times
Call me a civil liberties prude, but I don't want John Poindexter tracking my body part contours. Or my silhouette pixels, for that matter.

Ali G Keeping It Real in the United States

  • 08 May 03
  • The New York Times
James Baker, the former secretary of state who helped make two Bushes president, the first by sniping at Massachusetts, the second by snatching away Florida, is an extremely careful man.

Telling Tale of Two Fridays

  • 21 April 03
  • The New York Times
The Pentagon, aka the International Trust for Historic Preservation, has once more shown the world its deep cultural sensitivity.

Michael Kelly's Good Life

  • 07 April 03
Michael Kelly was a lucky guy. When he stumbled upon a column of Iraqi troops during Desert Storm, they surrendered to him, piling into his car with their white flags.

Outside In and Inside Out

  • 27 March 03
  • The New York Times
Rummy was grumpy. TV generals and Pentagon reporters were poking at his war plan, wondering if he had enough troops and armor on the ground to take Baghdad and protect the rear of his advancing infantry.

Going It Alone With Invisible Friends in Tow

It will go down as a great mystery of history how Mr. Popularity at Yale metamorphosed into President Persona Non Grata of the world.

Bush's Warsaw Pact

The Bush administration has turned the world upside down: America's new best friends are the people it used to protect its old best friends from.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

  • 17 February 03
  • The New York Times
Sitting beneath a mural of cupid, diplomats ganged up to debunk the Bush administration's case against Iraq.

On Track for Desert Spring

  • 10 February 03
  • The New York Times
Such a Fiestaware color for such an Armageddon moment. We're orange, but U.S. officials tell us not to be blue.

Who's Got the Hot Rods?

  • 03 February 03
  • The New York Times
Colin Powell finally has the goods on the evil dictator.

Dr. Perfect Taking the Lead

  • 23 December 02
  • The New York Times
With a spectacular triple bank shot, Karl Rove and President George W. Bush, the Butcher Cassidy and Sundance Kid of politics, blew away Trent Lott, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

Bush's Texas on the Tigris

Washington has always been a place where people say the opposite of what they mean. But last week, the capital soared to ominous new Orwellian heights.

U.S.-German Relations: Poisoned or Not?

In their eagerness to apply adolescent torture methods, Bush hawks seem to have forgotten history: Do we really want to punish the Germans for being pacifists?

Lemon Fizzes on the Banks of the Euphrates

  • 19 September 02
  • The New York Times
The trap is sprung. The name of the game is containment. Contain the wild man, the leader with the messianic and relentless glint who is scaring the world.

Bush I Versus Bush II?

Oedipus, Shmoedipus. Why cite a Greek hero when we can cite the U.S. president's favorite British hero?

St. Alban's Guide to Populism

Rule No. 1: So let's say, old sport, that one summer night in a hotel ballroom you gather your favorite fat cats and they all sit on their checkbooks.

Witch Hunt or Breathtaking Negligence? II

He hasn't been featured in any of the flinty-eyed, lantern-jawed photo shoots where the Bush team preened as war heroes. Annie Leibovitz has never laid eyes on him.

Ire and Brimstone

  • 29 April 02
In the Catholic catechism, schoolchildren learn the seven deadly sins.

Alpha Women and Lazy Men

Three decades after feminism blossomed in a giddy wave of bra-burning, birth-control pills and unisex clothes, the female ideal of having it all is a risible cliche.

Addiction to Addition

One of the things I liked about George W. Bush when he started running for the U.S. presidency was his scorn for polling.

The Axis of No Access

  • 14 February 02
  • The New York Times
Back in the '60s, my brother would occasionally pretend to be a spy to impress girls. It was pretty silly.

Just a Little Honest

A gaffe,"" Michael Kinsley once observed, ""occurs not when a politician lies, but when he tells the truth."" CNN made a terrible gaffe and told a terrific truth.

Style Beside Sorrow

  • 25 December 01
  • The New York Times
I went downtown to the New York Epicenter on Friday evening.