Articles by Peter Graff

Georgia Calls for Investment in Pipeline

  • 26 April 07
  • Reuters
Georgia's economic growth reached 13 percent in the first quarter of 2007 after the economy grew by 9.4 percent last year, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said Wednesday.

Litvinenko Poison Baffles Doctors

  • 22 November 06
  • Reuters
British doctors treating former spy Alexander Litvinenko said Tuesday that they might never know what was used to poison him. Friends say they believe Litvinenko, 41, a persistent critic of President Vladimir Putin, was poisoned in a Kremlin-backed plot. Moscow has dismissed the accusations as nonsense.

Kiev Fails to Shake Off Berezovsky

  • 19 September 05
  • Reuters
Asked about Berezovsky's remarks on Friday evening, Rybachuk, the chief of staff who earlier denied Yushchenko had spoken to Berezovsky, said no such conversations had taken place in his presence.

Insurgents Target Diplomats in Iraq

  • 07 July 05
  • Reuters
Iraq and the United States sought to prevent an exodus of diplomats from Baghdad on Wednesday after an ambush prompted Pakistan to pull out its ambassador, Bahrain's envoy was shot and Egypt's was kidnapped.

Foreigners Bullish on Yushchenko's Ukraine

  • 18 January 05
  • Reuters
If investors hadn't heard of Ukraine a few months ago, they have now. A country of nearly 50 million people, Ukraine has a four-year track record of booming, export-driven economic growth and a fat trade surplus.

Europeans Lambaste Bush Win

  • 04 November 04
  • Reuters
In case you asked, Dieter Bernhard of Berlin is ""really annoyed with the Americans and very disappointed.""

Maskhadov Says War Is Likely to Spread

  • 19 July 04
  • Reuters
Chechen rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov said this weekend his fighters had the right to carry their war with Moscow into Russian territory and that the conflict was likely to spread.

Britain Refuses to Extradite Zakayev

  • 14 November 03
  • Reuters
A British judge delivered a scathing indictment of Russia's criminal justice system on Thursday, rejecting a bid to extradite Chechen rebel envoy Akhmed Zakayev and provoking the wrath of the Kremlin.

The Lunch That Cracked a Soviet Spy

  • 22 May 03
  • Reuters
Communist spy Klaus Fuchs might never have been jailed if it hadn't been for a quiet talk over lunch.

Files Reveal Royal Indiscretion

  • 31 January 03
  • Reuters
British special police spied on King Edward VIII before he took the throne and discovered that his future wife, Wallis Simpson, had kept a secret lover, documents show.

Moscow Siege Makes West Ask 'Could We?'

  • 29 October 02
  • Reuters
Fourteen months ago, the idea that a country would use a secret chemical agent for a police operation in the center of its own capital would have been unthinkable.

Accountants Want the Dull Life Back

  • 30 July 02
  • Reuters
""Forget terrorism,"" announces Osama bin Laden on the front cover of Private Eye, the British satirical magazine. ""I'm going to be an accountant.""

Experts: U.S. May Seal Off Iraq

  • 26 July 02
  • Reuters
Instead of a massive Gulf War-style ground invasion of Iraq, U.S. generals may be plotting a smaller-scale operation to cut off Baghdad from the outside world.

Duma Votes to Raise Age of Consent to 16

  • 28 June 02
  • Reuters
The State Duma voted Thursday for a measure that would raise the age of sexual consent.

Bush to See Brilliant and Mad St. Pete

  • 23 May 02
  • Reuters
St. Petersburg, President Putin's hometown, is gearing up to welcome U.S. President Bush with a mix of unmatched artistic brilliance and edge-of-the-abyss disorder

Boy-Band Star Dreams of Space

  • 25 March 02
  • Reuters
Teen heartthrob Lance Bass of U.S. boy-band *NSYNC arrived in Moscow on Friday hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming the first entertainer in space.

Shtyrov Takes Lead in Sakha Runoff

  • 14 January 02
  • Reuters
Capping a scandal-plagued election campaign, voter turnout in the Yakutia region surged to 70 percent.

U.S. Questions Afghan Fighters

  • 21 December 01
  • Reuters
U.S. agents interrogated captured fighters in Afghanistan on Thursday for clues in the hunt for the vanishing Osama bin Laden, as war abated and gave way to a detective investigation on a global scale.

Politicians Rally to Defense of TV6

  • 28 November 01
  • Reuters
Politicians are skepitcal about the Kremlin's denial of involvement in a court ruling to shut down TV6.

Afghan Vet Has Some Advice for Washington

  • 17 September 01
  • Reuters
A veteran from the Soviet Union's last war has some advice for the U.S.: Do not go to war in Afghanistan.

Grozny Closed, Bombings Continue

  • 05 September 01
  • Reuters
Federal troops shut all roads into Grozny on Tuesday after a bomb struck the headquarters of Chechnya's Moscow-installed authorities, but rebels still launched new attacks.

Chechen Leaders' Meeting Bombed

  • 04 September 01
  • Reuters
There was an explosion at government headquarters in Grozny during a meeting of Chechnya's leadership.

Father Says Tobin Isn't Bitter After Prison Stay

  • 07 August 01
  • Reuters
After six months in jail John Tobin still loves Russia but will be glad to get home to his family.

Capitalist Muscovites Wary of Stalinist Kim

  • 06 August 01
  • Reuters
When Kim Jong-il stepped into Moscow on Friday, the capitalist masses were kept at a distance.

Russia Plucks U.S. Pilot From the Sea

  • 10 July 01
  • Reuters
American Mike Smith and three Japanese passengers were saved by a Russian ship after 15 hours at sea.

FSB Beats Chirac to Ekho Moskvy

  • 03 July 01
  • Reuters
Federal Security Service agents swooped in on the iindependent Ekho Moskvy radio station on Monday.

Spy Blake Emerges From Shadows

  • 29 June 01
  • Reuters
Secret agent George Blake, a hero in Russia and traitor in Britain, emerged from the shadows on Thursday to extol departed colleagues and lament lost passions.

Maskhadov: Peace Talks 'Inevitable' for Chechnya

  • 29 May 01
  • The Associated Press
Chechen rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov said in an interview that peace talks with Russia were ""inevitable.""

Jordan: NTV Will Sell Stake For $75M

  • 21 May 01
  • Reuters
The U.S. banker now running the NTV television station says it's proving its commitment to independent news and aims to sell $75 million of new shares to an nvestor this year.

U.S., Russia Unite to Fight Child Sex

  • 27 March 01
  • Reuters
When Glenn Martikean arrived from Indiana on Jan. 24, Eduard Lapatik, head of Moscow's police unit that handles sex crimes against children, was as ready as he could be.