Articles by Paul Taylor

The West's Unwanted War in Libya

  • 04 April 11
  • Reuters
It is a war that Barack Obama didn't want, David Cameron didn't need, Angela Merkel couldn't cope with, and Silvio Berlusconi dreaded.

Gas Spat Should Spur EU Energy Links

Just as Europeans are packing their bags for the beaches, another Russia-Ukraine gas dispute is flaring up. The European Union should use it as a stimulus to speed up connecting its energy networks to reduce Eastern Europe's vulnerability to gas cutoffs.

Resizing Russia's Weight

The sight of Russian tanks rolling into Georgia in August, coupled with a Kremlin drive to extend its control over energy supply routes to Europe, sent shivers through former Soviet satellite countries and drew loud condemnation from Washington. Moscow's resurgence as a major power, determined to be treated with respect and to stamp its influence on its neighborhood, has been one of the big stories of 2008.

EU Stalled on Mandate for Russia Partnership

  • 25 April 08
  • Reuters
European Union efforts to agree on a long-delayed mandate for partnership negotiations with Russia stalled again Thursday despite a prediction of imminent agreement from Luxembourg’s prime minister. Diplomats said Lithuania maintained its veto on starting the talks to demand assurances on energy supplies, cooperation over a missing businessman and Russian movement on frozen conflicts in former Soviet republics.

NATO Deal Built on Ambiguity

  • 07 April 08
  • Reuters
The Americans are delighted, the Georgians and Ukrainians elated, the French and Germans happy, and the Russians not too angry.

EU Quietly Roots for Sarkozy

  • 20 April 07
  • Reuters
European Union officials are quietly hoping conservative Nicolas Sarkozy will win France's presidential election and move swiftly to reform EU institutions and modernize his country's shackled economy.

EU3 Agree to Restart Iran Talks

  • 29 November 05
  • Reuters
Britain, France and Germany agreed on Sunday to exploratory talks with Iran on resuming negotiations over its disputed nuclear program, which broke down in August, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said.

France's Vote Throws EU Into Political Uncertainty

  • 31 May 05
  • Reuters
France's massive ""no"" to the European Union Constitution casts Europe into the most severe political crisis for more than a decade, opening a period of uncertainty, introspection and potential paralysis.

Solana Denies Direct Contact With Hamas

  • 26 November 04
  • Reuters
European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana denied Thursday having had direct contact with the Palestinian militant group Hamas, hours after he said just that in a BBC interview.

Lavrov: Putin Will Not Attend NATO Summit

  • 03 June 04
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin will skip a NATO summit with U.S. President George W. Bush in Turkey this month, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

EU Sets Base Donation For Iraqi Reconstruction

  • 14 October 03
  • Reuters
The European Union agreed Monday to a modest donation towards rebuilding Iraq as Britain pledged new efforts to clinch an agreement on the country's future before next week's major donors' conference in Madrid.

Prodi Touts Federal EU Constitution

  • 06 December 02
  • Reuters
European Commission President Romano Prodi proposed a federalist constitution Thursday for the European Union, seeking new powers for the executive and rejecting an appointed ""president of Europe.""

Europe Holds Fire in Tariff War With U.S.

  • 03 June 02
  • Reuters
The European Union said Friday it may load the gun of retaliatory sanctions against U.S. steel tariffs but hold fire to allow a final bid for compensation to avert a trans-Atlantic trade war.

White House Firm on a Bigger NATO

  • 15 October 01
  • Reuters
U.S. President Bush is more strongly committed than ever to the eastward enlargement of NATO.

Little Time Remains For Afghan Attack

  • 04 October 01
  • Reuters
The time window for U.S.-led military action in Afghanistan is narrowing fast and several indicators point to a possible strike any time from early next week, experts said Wednesday.

U.S. Likely to Seek Hard, Fast Response

  • 13 September 01
  • Reuters
The United States is likely to seek a swift, devastating military response against a new brand of terrorism for Tuesday's attacks on its key symbols of money and power.

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