Articles by David B. Ottaway

Iraq War Would Shake Up Oil Market

  • 16 September 02
  • The Washington Post
A U.S.-led ouster of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein could open a bonanza for U.S. oil companies long banished from Iraq.

U.S. Sources Fear Radiation Bomb

  • 05 December 01
  • The Washington Post
U.S. intelligence agencies have recently concluded that Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorist network may have made greater strides than previously thought toward obtaining plans or materials to make a crude radiological weapon that would use conventional explosives to spread radioactivity over a wide area, according to U.S. and foreign sources.

Chechnya Plans Ended in U.S. Terror

  • 26 September 01
  • The Washington Post
As many as a dozen of the 19 suicide hijackers who staged America's worst terrorist attack were young Saudis dedicated to fighting for Islamic causes.

Caspian Find Fuels Oil Pipeline Rivalry

U.S. Scolds Ukraine for Sale to Iran

U.S. Oil Lobby Targets Caspian

U.S., Albania: New Best Friends

Hungary: Partners Query Socialists' Reforming Zeal

Czechs Buck the Leftward Trend

Mostar: Forgotten Victim of War

Hungary Moves to Lift Sanctions on Serbia

Romance in High Places: A Viennese Operetta

In Bosnia, Moslems Determined to Win Back Lands

New NATO Deals Disrupt Visegrad Alliance

Slovakia's Hungarians Mobilize to Demand Autonomy

Slovakia Proposes an Alternative Plan to Extend NATO