Articles by Ron Popeski

Yushchenko Regains Some Power

  • 19 May 08
  • Reuters
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, at odds for months with his prime minister, on Friday clawed back some powers he had lost since taking office with passage of a new law limiting the government's authority.

Long-Entrenched Transdnestr Positions Shift

  • 24 April 08
  • Reuters
When the president of Moldova sat down with the leader of the separatist Transdnestr region, many hoped for a breakthrough in one of the former Soviet UnionТs seemingly endless Уfrozen conflictsФ.

Orange Veterans Unite for Ukraine Elections

  • 28 September 07
  • Reuters
President Viktor Yushchenko, newly reconciled with Orange Revolution heroine Yulia Tymoshenko, embraced her Thursday and urged liberals to set aside past quarrels and unite to win in weekend parliamentary elections.

Catherine Unwelcome In Odessa

  • 30 August 07
  • Reuters
A statue of Catherine the Great has sparked a fierce dispute in the multiethnic Ukrainian port of Odessa, with riot police confronting Cossack demonstrators in the street after midnight.

Odessa Happy with New Addition

  • 15 August 07
  • Reuters
ODESSA, Ukraine -- The latest arrival at the dolphinarium in Ukraine's Black Sea port of Odessa, a calf born just over a week ago, seems destined to become a performing star alongside his mother and father.

Russia Opts for Talks With Iran

  • 28 August 06
  • Reuters
Russia rejected talk for now of sanctions against Iran and France warned on Friday against conflict with Tehran, raising doubts about whether it will face swift penalties if nuclear work is not halted by an Aug. 31 deadline.

Yushchenko Imposes a Deadline

  • 17 July 06
  • Reuters
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, vowing to keep Ukraine from plunging into anarchy, has given bickering politicians 10 days to form a government or face dissolution of the parliament and new elections.

Kiev Delays Signing Gas Deal

  • 23 January 06
  • Reuters
Ukraine has delayed signing a new contract to buy Russian gas, pending final agreement of terms including pricing, because of the Ukrainian parliament's attempts to scuttle the deal, the country's prime minister said on Saturday.

Ukrainian Magnate Defies New Rulers

  • 01 September 05
  • Reuters
One of Ukraine's richest magnates said on Wednesday that the authorities were trying to seize illegally a plant he bought through a sell-off, and accused Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko of conducting a witch hunt against him.

TNK-BP Backs Up Yushchenko

  • 23 May 05
  • Reuters
TNK-BP on Friday backed President Viktor Yushchenko's proposal to tackle Ukraine's fuel crisis and outlined plans to modernize a refinery there.

Putin Takes Different Tack in Ukraine

  • 15 November 04
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin visited Ukraine on Friday in an apparent show of support for the country's prime minister ahead of presidential elections pitting him against a West-leaning rival in a tight race.

Putin to Appear Live on Ukrainian TV

  • 26 October 04
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin, who has openly supported Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych in his bid for president, will field questions live on Ukrainian television on Tuesday.

Putin Sees Al-Qaida in Twin Air Crashes

  • 01 September 04
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that investigators were looking for a link between al-Qaida and Chechen rebels widely believed to have downed two planes last week.

Khakamada Doubts She'll Be Able to Run

  • 19 January 04
  • Reuters
Liberal standardbearer Irina Khakamada, who accuses President Vladimir Putin of using Chechen separatism to boost his standing, is convinced she will be refused permission to take him on in the March poll.

Zyuganov Backs Besieged Billionaires

  • 01 August 03
  • Reuters
Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov set aside ideological differences with wealthy tycoons on Thursday, saying they had been treated badly by the Kremlin in the dispute over oil giant Yukos and calling for their support in elections.

Hermitage Modernizes With Capitalists' Help

  • 08 May 03
  • Reuters
After a decade of hard times, St. Petersburg's famous Hermitage museum has managed to convince big business that Russian culture treasures are important and worth funding.

Bid for UN to Suspend Sanctions

  • 25 April 03
  • Reuters
Russia on Thursday backed the temporary suspension of 13-year-old sanctions against Iraq to ease the plight of its citizens.

Putin Takes His Case to Bulgaria

  • 03 March 03
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin reaffirmed on Sunday the necessity for a peaceful solution to the Iraq crisis, while speaking to reporters in Bulgaria.

Schroeder, Putin Urge Diplomacy

  • 27 January 03
  • Reuters
Russia and Germany on Friday opposed military intervention in Iraq, bolstering resistance in Europe and elsewhere to U.S. preparations to disarm the country.

Russia Made a Full G-8 Member

  • 28 June 02
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin secured much of what he sought to accomplish at the G-8 summit on Thursday, with members recognizing Russia was a full member of their exclusive club and could host a summit.

Putin to Put Economy On Table at G-8 Summit

  • 24 June 02
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin flies to this week's summit of the G-8 group of industrialized nations in Canada aiming to prove Russia has a bigger world role to play than merely supporting Washington's war on terrorism.

Communist Party Leaves Options for 2004 Open

  • 24 June 02
  • Reuters
The Communist Party, hit by the expulsion of several dissidents, acknowledged for the first time Saturday that its choice of a candidate in presidential elections could be subject to a selection process.

Pyongyang Talks to Moscow About U.S.

  • 22 May 02
  • Reuters
North Korea's foreign minister opened talks in Moscow on Tuesday, two days ahead of a Russian-U.S. summit, and diplomatic sources said discussion focused on promoting dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington.

Putin Clinches Debt Deal With Germany

  • 11 April 02
  • Reuters
Germany and Russia closed a two-day summit with an agreement on a long-running dispute over Soviet-era debt that appeared to suit the interests of both Berlin and Moscow.

Germany Makes Putin Feel at Home

  • 10 April 02
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin flew in to Germany on Tuesday for fresh summit talks, declared the country Moscow's most trusted Western partner, and immediately made himself at home.

Izvestia: Milosevic Gave Secret Prison Interview

  • 04 February 02
  • Reuters
A secret interview with Slobodan Milosevic has reportedly been smuggled out of his cell in The Hague.

President Building Rapport With West

  • 27 September 01
  • Reuters
President Putin's rapport with Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and his speech in German to the Berlin parliament brought Russia a step closer to acceptance as an equal partner.

Terror Debate Moves To Duma

  • 19 September 01
  • Reuters
The State Duma, confronting requests from Washington for logistical help in a possible strike on Afghanistan, set the stage Tuesday for a debate on the issue.

Neither Side to Bend On Missile Defense

  • 10 September 01
  • Reuters
Russia and the U.S. are to hold fresh talks this week on Washington's planned missile defense scheme.

FSB Beats Chirac to Ekho Moskvy

  • 03 July 01
  • Reuters
Federal Security Service agents swooped in on the iindependent Ekho Moskvy radio station on Monday.