Articles by Andrew Quinn

Airline Strike Hits South Africa

  • 26 July 05
  • Reuters
South African Airways was forced to cancel dozens more flights as one of the most disruptive strikes in the airline's history went to a fourth day on Monday, stranding travelers from London to Lusaka, Zambia.

22,000 Arrested in Zimbabwe

  • 02 June 05
  • Reuters
Zimbabwean police have arrested more than 22,000 people as a fierce blitz on illegal stores and shantytowns gathers pace, sending homeless people fleeing for the countryside, the state Herald newspaper said on Wednesday.

Nuclear Database Set to Fill Gap

  • 08 March 02
  • Reuters
International researchers have compiled what they say is the world's most complete database of lost, stolen and misplaced nuclear material -- depicting a world awash in weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that nobody can account for.

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