Articles by Keith Weir

U.S. Urged To Shape New World Economy

  • 06 November 08
  • and Kevin Plumberg
World leaders urged U.S. President-elect Barack Obama on Wednesday to help build a new economic order and lead the globe out of its worst financial crisis since the 1930s.

Mostovoi Axed for Criticizing Coach

  • 16 June 04
  • Reuters
Russia axed experienced midfielder Alexander Mostovoi from its Euro 2004 squad Tuesday after he criticized Georgy Yartsev's coaching methods.

Last-Minute Goal Puts Portugal Into Next Round

Spain Back in Business After Narrow Win Over Slovenia

BSkyB In $1.48Bln Pay TV Deal

Tobacco Tsars BAT, Rothmans Merge

BP, Amoco Agree to $110Bln Merger

Investing in Soccer Not Always a Score

British Satellite Broadcaster Seeks Rights to Key Events

Italian Ministers Win Backing in Senate Vote

Former Treasury Minister Picked to Lead Italy

Illness Halts PM Choice For Italians

Clinton Assured of Italian Democracy

Berlusconi Teams Win Vote and Cup Final

Russia Fixed Defeat, Say Canadian Team

Berlusconi Threatens New Poll

Wiberg, Dovzan Tie in Race