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The spring and summer lines offered by Russian fashion designers in a recent showing ran the gamut, from the serenely classical to the cutting edge of the avant-garde. The Second Competition of Fashion Designers, hosted by the house of Slava Zaitsev, was testimony to the fancifulness of Russia's burgeoning fashion scene. Thirty-six fashion designers from all around Russia participated in the May competition, which culminated in gala defile featuring the designs of the finalists. The show was attended by local fashion observers and foreign guests alike, and the international jury included the Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin and representatives from the haute couture capital of the world, France. ""Everything's changed a lot since I was here last in 1990,"" mused Briton Tim Smith, an advertising magnate who attended the spectacle in the company of the fashion commentator Svetlana Kuzitsina, who was also on the jury. ""You could see a lot of European influences like Gaultier.

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