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A Final Passage Prompts Farewell to Second City

Petersburg Still Struggles To Pay Faberge Tribute

The Manezh Central Exhibition Hall has opened an exhibit of works by the Russian jeweler Carl Faberge and members of his dynasty. It is another step in the long and painful way home for the Faberges. Tatyana Faberge, a descendant of the great artist who lives in Switzerland, came to St. Petersburg for the opening. Carl Faberge and his art need no introduction. His works are featured in the world's most prominent museums and private collections. But until recently, his creations had been better known outside Russia. The master died in exile in Switzerland in 1920. When his son Agafon fled across the border into Finland, he left most of the works in Bolshevik Russia. Closely associated with the Romanov imperial family, the firm's sublime miniature masterpieces were never exhibited in the Soviet Union and were mostly forgotten. Throughout the 1920s and 30s the Communists sold many pieces, including most of the imperial eggs, to the West.

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