Articles by Robert Evans

Soviet Nobel Stories Offer Hope to China's Liu

  • 10 December 10
  • Reuters
УA vile slanderer seeking to earn filthy capitalist lucre by besmirching the homeland that nurtured him.Ф The China PeopleТs Daily, perhaps, on FridayТs Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo?

Racial Violence Alarms UN

  • 20 August 08
  • Reuters
A key United Nations rights body has voiced alarm at mounting racial violence in Russia and called on Moscow to take firm action against ultranationalist and neo-Nazi groups and hate speech in the media.

WTO Not at Any Price, Official Says

  • 27 April 06
  • Reuters
Russia will not leave weaker sectors of its economy at the mercy of free market forces in order to win admission to the World Trade Organization, Moscow's ambassador in Geneva said Wednesday.

Customs Crisis Could Stymie Bid for WTO

  • 16 December 02
  • Reuters
A looming customs crisis on Russia's western borders could emerge this week as a new problem for Moscow's decade-old bid to win admission to the World Trade Organization, diplomats said.

WTO Begins Probe Into U.S. Steel Tariffs

  • 04 June 02
  • Reuters
The World Trade Organization on Monday launched a probe to decide by the end of this year whether hefty tariffs on steel imports imposed by the United States violate international trade agreements.

20 Nations Slam U.S. for Trade Rule Abuse

  • 15 April 02
  • Reuters
A coalition of 20 countries fighting against hefty new U.S. steel tariffs on Friday labeled the United States a serial abuser of global free trade rules and demanded it cancel the controversial measures.

Moore: World Needs Russia in the WTO

  • 15 February 02
  • Reuters
The WTO's head says industrialized nations should be more flexible in their terms for Russian accession.

Farmers, Rostelecom Top WTO Concerns

  • 28 January 02
  • Reuters
Russia may want some concessions when it joins the WTO in the telecoms and agriculture sectors.

WTO Says Russia Is Making Fast Progress

  • 25 January 02
  • Reuters
The WTO Director General has said Russia is much closer to joining the organization than people think.

Moldova Joins WTO as Other Soviet States Lag

  • 31 July 01
  • Reuters
The former Soviet republic of Moldova has become a full member of the World Trade Organization.

Russia Takes Its WTO Case Back to Geneva

  • 27 June 01
  • Reuters
Russian negotiators are holding another round of talks with the World Trade Organization but analysts say there is still a long road to travel to Russian membership.

Minister Vows Faster Reforms for WTO Bid

  • 20 December 00
  • Reuters
Russia's top negotiator for entry to the World Trade Organization said that Moscow would soon make new offers on opening its vast market to goods and services.

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