Articles by Carol J. Williams

Haiti's Preval Distances Self From Past

  • 21 February 06
Robert Manuel doesn't say much, but his omnipresence at the side of Haitian President-elect Rene Preval speaks volumes about the next head of state's newfound independence.

Hijackers Learned to Fly and Waited

  • 01 October 01
Mohamed Atta had the habit of disappearing. Friends in Germany, where he went to graduate school, say he'd sometimes drop out of sight for a month or two at a time. Family matters, he'd say.

Right-Wing Violence Confounds Germany

'Green' Car Strictly for Showroom

Small World Is Still a Cruel One

Mikhalkov Aims for Rebirth of Cinema

Recompense at Last for Holocaust Survivors

New Manners for the New Russia

Defiant Chubais Says He's Back at Helm

Russians Give Lukewarm Welcome to Glitzy Malls

Sevastopol russians pin their hopes on luzhkov

Russia, Ukraine Sign Away Years of Rivalry

Giant Holes in Ozone Puzzle Russian Experts

The Great Paranormal Revolution

Anti-NATO Idea Infecting Masses

Parking Problems Unparalleled

Liberated Literature Struggles to Make a Living

Pollution Fuels Move to Autonomy

Yakutia: Life of Squalor Among the Diamonds

Bomb Hoax Shuts Down Vnukovo

1,001 Uses for an Albanian Bunker

Sarajevo's Survivors: A Tale of Two Cities

On Eve of Poll, Serbs Defiant

UN's Costly Empire in the Balkans

Cracks Appear in Moslem-Croat Alliance

Serb Anger at Karadzic's Dominance

Turning to Islam: Bosnia's Moslems

Serb Attacks Alienate 'Slav Brothers'

Serbs Cheer Russian Peacekeepers

Bulgaria in Decline As Politicians Spar