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A Look at the 1990s, A Decade of Sex, Drugs and Excess

  • 04 May 15
  • Calvert Journal
The 80s were divided into two five-year periods, one black, one white. First there were the death throes of Soviet power and of the succession of short-lived general secretaries that embodied it, played out to the accompaniment of an extraordinary unstoppered carnival of underground art (from Mukhomory to the Necrorealists, from Alexander Bashlachev to Sergei Kuryokhin, from Ilya Kabakov to Pyotr Mamonov).

Goodbye Intellect, Hello Dogma

Russia is "super" only in terms of its territory and natural resources. As a state, nothing works except corruption.

Don't Accept the Status Quo

I am not going to read you a sermon. I don't possess any special knowledge on which to base a sermon. I am just as lost as all of you. I am just as unsure about who is to blame and what needs to be done.

I'll Take ABBA Over Lady Gaga Any Day

Few, if any, are happy about the state of pop music in the new century. Their frustrations come from different corners Ч the formerly almighty captains of the music industry complain about vanishing sales and profits. Pop stars blame Internet users for robbing them. Music purists complain that contemporary music isnТt worth a dime.

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