Articles by Dave Carpenter

Wrigley's Investigates Benefits of Chewing

  • 30 March 06
  • The Associated Press
Here's a juicy thought to chomp on. What if the simple act of chewing gum helped you keep your weight down, reduce stress, improve focus -- or all three?

Trial Odds Stacked Against Black

  • 30 November 05
  • The Associated Press
Fallen media magnate and member of the House of Lords Conrad Black faces federal fraud charges in a U.S. court.

Boeing Forces Out Chief for Affair With Colleague

  • 09 March 05
  • The Associated Press
Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher, brought back from retirement 15 months ago to boost the aerospace manufacturer's tainted image, has been forced out because of a new ethics scandal involving an affair he had this year with a female company executive.

U.S. Will Not Help Save United

  • 30 June 04
  • The Associated Press
United Airlines lost its third and final try for a government loan guarantee when a federal board rejected its latest bid and insisted the bankrupt carrier can survive without one.

McDonald's Gets Aussie CEO

  • 21 April 04
  • The Associated Press
After the successful turnaround of its U.S. business, McDonald's Corp. faces a new challenge -- the sudden death of CEO Jim Cantalupo puts a young and unproven Australian in charge of the world's largest restaurant company.

New Boeing Chief Pledges To Resolve Past Controversy

  • 03 December 03
  • The Associated Press
Boeing is under new leadership following the sudden resignation of Phil Condit, but the company still faces the same tough questions about the methods it used to secure a lucrative tanker contract from the Pentagon.

In-Flight E-Mail Ready for Takeoff

  • 18 June 03
  • The Associated Press
Hoping to get a jump on the competition in the scramble for business travelers, United Airlines was set to announce in the United States on Tuesday that it will be the first commercial carrier to offer two-way e-mail capability aboard all its domestic flights

United Files Biggest Airline Bankruptcy Ever

  • 10 December 02
  • The Associated Press
United Airlines, reeling from two years of heavy losses and unable to pay off nearly $1 billion in debt that comes due this week, filed for federal bankruptcy court protection Monday.

Andersen Steps Up Hunt for New Chief

  • 29 March 02
  • The Associated Press
Top partners for Arthur Andersen LLP, desperate to prevent the company from collapsing, pressed efforts Wednesday to find a new leader and negotiate the possible sale of Andersen's non-audit businesses.

More Andersen Losses In Wake of Indictment

  • 18 March 02
  • The Associated Press
Four more Fortune 500 companies have severed long-standing ties with Arthur Andersen, reflecting increased concern about the future of the indicted auditing firm.

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