Articles by Vladimir Kozin

Time to Sign a Super New START

Two prominent U.S. House representatives, Trent Franks and Doug Lamborn, writing on these pages on Feb. 13, said they are "in complete agreement" with Moscow's possible initiative to withdraw from the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, if the U.S. does not halt its missile defense program in Europe.

Missile Defense Arms Race

The U.S. did cancel Phase 4 of its missile defense system, but it didn't stop research on these interceptors, so they still could be deployed in Europe.

Missile Defense Hits a Brick Wall

The U.S. is floating new arms-control proposals to obscure its real plans. Instead, it should call off stages two to four of its missile defense program.

Freeze Missile Defense in Europe

Resolving arms control issues have proven a lengthy and difficult process in the past. Take, for example, the fact that Washington and Moscow officially exchanged views on anti-satellite systems in the 1970s, but their negotiations were interrupted and have never resumed.

Ballyhoo Over Nothing

The case of Viktor Bout, accused by the U.S. officials of illegal arms trade, is an unfair and unfriendly gesture initiated by the United States. Bout must be released from his long and illegal detention, a Foreign Ministry press official says.

6 Obstacles to Nuclear Zero

Sixty-five years ago, on July 16, 1945, the first nuclear device was tested. This marked the beginning of the nuclear age. After that, it didnt take long for leading scientists and world leaders to start lobbying for a nuclear-free world, but a set of barriers still remain.

Rasmussens Roof Has Some Leaks

The Foreign Ministry spokesman asks: Why does the West cling to the belief that Russia should become a partner in developing NATO and U.S. missile defense systems on its terms only?

The New Cuban Missile Crisis

If history will remember the 20th century for its nuclear weapons, the dropping of two atomic bombs and the nuclear arms race, then the 21st century might become the century of the missile defense arms race.

A New Look at the Military Doctrine

Many Western analysts incorrectly interpreted and evaluated the basic tenets of Russias military doctrine.

Time for TART

After the follow-up agreement to the START is signed, Moscow and Washington should make a firm commitment to begin TART negotiations on reducing tactical nuclear weapons in Europe.

8 Obstacles to Better NATO Ties

A number of unresolved issues stand in the way of NATO and Russia developing closer and more productive ties, including the presence of NATO bases near the Russian border and the alliance's continued willingness to expand its membership.

Islands of Discord

At their bilateral meeting in LAquila, Italy, on the sidelines of the Group of Eight summit earlier this month, President Dmitry Medvedev and Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso exchanged views on the dispute that has darkened bilateral relations since 1945 the Kuril Islands.

These Silent Giants Spoke Eloquently to Me

Before leaving Afghanistan in 1976, I made the difficult two-day jeep safari from Kabul to Bamiyan to see the largest standing statues of Buddha in the world.

Who Really Wants Baltic Nukes?

Despite Western allegations that nuclear weapons are in Kaliningrad, evidence is far from substantial.

Security in Space

At present, space is far less militarized than any other realm of human activity. However, the abrogation of the ABM treaty would open the way to two new types of weapons.

Lessons of the Kursk

The Kursk tragedy shows that steps must be taken to reduce the likelihood of submarine collisions.

Ins and Outs of Missile Defense Systems

The Russian proposal for a single antimissile defense in Europe has elicited conflicting reactions.

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