Articles by Martin Nesirky

N. Korea Demands Civilian Reactors

  • 21 September 05
  • Reuters
Twenty-four hours after reaching an agreement on disarmament, the country issues an ultimatum.

N. Korea Processes Spent Fuel

  • 03 October 03
  • Reuters
North Korea raised the stakes in a nuclear standoff Thursday by saying for the first time it had processed fuel rods for use in making atomic bombs. But most analysts said it was a pre-talks tactic.

Pyongyang Rebuffs Nuclear Questions

  • 29 April 03
  • Reuters
North Korea told South Korea on Monday it would discuss its suspected nuclear weapons program only with the United States but was happy to talk about boosting North-South economic cooperation and staging festivals together.

N. Korea May Consider Multilateral Discussions

  • 14 April 03
  • Reuters
North Korea shifted significantly toward U.S. calls for multilateral talks on its suspected nuclear arms plans and Washington voiced interest, saying it would follow up through diplomatic channels.

N. Korea Learning From Iraq

  • 11 April 03
  • Reuters
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said Thursday that North Korea had learned from the U.S.-led war to unseat Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and might ignore any UN decision on its suspected nuclear weapons program.

North Korea Criticizes U.S. Diplomatic Push

  • 04 April 03
  • Reuters
North Korea said Thursday the United States was just paying lip-service to diplomacy in its standoff over Pyongyang's suspected atomic weapons ambitions.

North Korea Accused of Firing Missile

  • 02 April 03
  • Reuters
Conflicting reports about a North Korean short-range missile test Tuesday jangled North Asian nerves already on edge over suspicions that Pyongyang might seek to grab attention now that the U.S.-led war in Iraq is under way.

N. Korea's Kim Caught Reform Bug in Russia

  • 02 October 02
  • Reuters
Soon after North Korean leader Kim Jong Il returned from a train trip across Russia last year he distributed secret instructions to prepare for reforms.

Trans-Siberian Link Stirs North Korean Dreams

  • 17 May 02
  • Reuters
When North Korea's foreign minister flies across Russia to Moscow next week, his mind could well be on the railroad far below -- and not just because it is leader Kim Jong Il's preferred mode of transport.

2 Koreas Agree to Resume Dialogue

  • 26 March 02
  • Reuters
South Korea said Monday it would send an envoy to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, to try to end months of deadlock in its ""Sunshine Policy"" of engaging North Korea and ease regional tensions before the soccer World Cup finals in June.

Putin Says Russia Stable But Economy Still at Risk

  • 03 April 01
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday Russia had halted a slide into political disintegration but now needed new measures to stabilise an old-style economy still scrambling up the slope. In his annual state of the nation address, the 48-year-old Kremlin chief said Moscow was withdrawing troops from rebel Chechnya after achieving its main goals but warned against complacency and said the threat of attacks was still high. ""The disintegration of the state, mentioned in the last address, has been arrested,"" Putin told parliamentarians in the Marble Hall, a grand Kremlin venue long used by the Soviet Communist Party for Central Committee meetings. He also called for European integration and criticised NATO in a 63-minute speech in which he failed to mention several topical themes including ties with the United States, military reform and media freedom. As Putin spoke, state-dominated gas giant Gazprom ditched managers of the only nationwide independent television network, NTV.

Putin Spells Out Views In Letter To Bush

  • 25 January 01
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin has written to U.S. President George W. Bush with congratulations and views on how to improve bilateral relations, the Kremlin said Wednesday.

Defence Chief Takes Tough ABM Line

  • 05 December 00
  • Reuters
Russia's defence minister distanced himself Tuesday from an arms control proposal put forward by his nuclear missiles chief, saying Moscow would not agree to any changes in the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

Putin Affirms Will To Cut Back Military

  • 21 November 00
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin told the top brass Monday he planned to keep a tight grip on military reforms that will slash troop numbers and reorient some defenses.

Security Chief Makes a Splash

  • 14 November 00
  • Reuters
For a man who hates the limelight, ex-spy Sergei Ivanov is becoming almost uncomfortably visible.

Security Council Approves Army Cuts

  • 10 November 00
  • Reuters
The KremlinТs Security Council approved controversial large-scale cuts to the military Thursday that President Vladimir Putin said were long overdue and essential for RussiaТs security and limited finances. Council Secretary Sergei Ivanov said the overall cuts would involve 600,000 people over five years as Moscow sought to create leaner but more mobile, better equipped and more cost-effective forces. Ivanov applied reforms to himself, asking Putin to remove his rank of lieutenant general in the Foreign Intelligence Service, or SVR. Putin agreed to the move, which Ivanov said was to make his Security Council job easier. ""A unanimous decision has been taken that we need to carry out military reform in the broad sense,"" Ivanov said in remarks carried by news agencies. The cuts included Defense Ministry reductions of 365,000 servicemen already announced. Another council official said the overall tally amounted to nearly a fifth of the defense forces.

Gore or Bush, U.S.-Russia Ties in Tough Spot

  • 02 November 00
  • Reuters
Whether Al Gore or George Bush wins, Russia will face a tough job focusing U.S. attention on its issues.

Kremlin Concedes Kostunica Won

  • 07 October 00
  • Reuters
Russia is with the West against Slobodan Milosevic in backing Vojislav Kostunica as YugoslaviaТs leader.

Schroder Drops by for Quick Talks With Putin

  • 26 September 00
  • Reuters
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder and President Vladimir Putin agreed Monday that Yugoslav voters appeared to have opted for democratic change.

Kremlin Set to Discuss Future of Armed Forces

  • 11 August 00
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin and his Security Council are due to meet Friday to decide the military's future.

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