Articles by Haitham Haddadin

Kuwaiti Women Brave Threats Before Election

  • 27 June 06
  • Reuters
First came a letter carrying a stern warning: ""Quit the race, or else."" Next, unidentified attackers cut up and sprayed insults over campaign billboards.

Wall Street Pundits See No Reason To Smile

  • 24 January 03
  • Reuters
Top Wall Street pundits painted a bleak picture for stocks in coming months as fears mount over possible U.S. military action in Iraq.

Looming War Can't Scare Iraq Investors

  • 13 January 03
  • Reuters
The drums of war may be beating in Washington, but the sound is falling on deaf ears on the tiny Baghdad stock market.

Inspectors Search Palace in Test of Compliance

  • 04 December 02
  • Reuters
UN arms inspectors searched one of President Saddam Hussein's lavish palace compounds in Baghdad on Tuesday in the biggest test of Iraqi cooperation since inspections resumed.

Battered Stocks Hit 5-Year Lows

  • 11 October 02
  • Reuters
The U.S. stock market fell to its lowest close in more than five years Wednesday after bleak comments and forecasts from Wall Street analysts on household names such as General Electric Co. and Ford Motor Co. fanned fears about corporate profits.

Strong Dollar Days Coming to an End?

  • 10 June 02
  • Reuters
The seven-year, gravity-defying stunt of the mighty U.S. Dollar seems to be drawing to a close.

srael Hits Suburbs of Beirut in Bomb Raid

Lebanon Mourns and Vows Revenge

Bomb Dead Mourned