Articles by Charles Aldinger

Kyrgyzstan Welcomes Rumsfeld

  • 15 April 05
  • Reuters
President Bakiyev tells the defense secretary that the U.S. can keep its air base.

Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq

  • 13 April 05
  • Reuters
U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld met with new leaders in the Iraqi government and spoke to American troops.

U.S. Tightens Security At Guantanamo Bay

  • 25 September 03
  • Reuters
The United States has tightened security at its military base in Cuba, where 680 al-Qaida and Taliban suspects are being held, after a U.S. military chaplain and translator were arrested in a possible spy plot involving Syria, a top American general said Wednesday.

N. Korea Tracks U.S. Spy Plane

  • 05 March 03
  • Reuters
An angry Washington hit out at North Korea for intercepting a U.S. spy plane at the weekend, a close call over the Sea of Japan that underscores the danger that a nuclear crisis could spiral out of control.

Bush Proposes $120Bln Hike in Defense Budget

  • 04 February 02
  • Reuters
In the biggest U.S. military buildup in two decades, President George W. Bush will press Congress on Monday to raise defense spending by $120 billion over the next five years to $451 billion by 2007, senior U.S. officials said Saturday.

Afghans Seek Boost From Pledges

  • 24 January 02
  • Reuters
Afghanistan shifted its focus Wednesday to ways of turning aid pledges of more than $4.5 billion into tangible benefits -- security, schools and hospitals -- for a country shattered by two decades of war.

U.S., Russia Discuss Nuclear Cuts

  • 15 January 02
  • Reuters
U.S. and Russian officials are to discuss deep nuclear arms cuts and U.S. plans to store unused warheads.

Powell: No Sign of Bin Laden

  • 17 December 01
  • Reuters
The United States said it had no idea where Osama bin Laden was Sunday as his al-Qaida fighters were routed and U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to rally troops.

U.S. Allots $5Bln to Ax Soviet Arms

  • 10 September 01
  • Reuters
Five U.S. firms have been awarded a defense contract to eliminate Russian nuclear and other arms.

Rumsfeld: World Is Watching Kiev

  • 06 June 01
  • Reuters
U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma that the world watches as Ukraine's struggle along the path of democratic and economic reform.

Russia Assures U.S. on Arms Sales to Iran

  • 06 December 00
  • Reuters
Russia assured the United States Wednesday that it will not sell offensive weapons to Iran despite last month's decision by Moscow to resume arms transfers to Tehran, U.S. defence officials said.

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