Articles by Daniel Williams

Milosevic Found Dead in His Cell

  • 13 March 06
  • The Washington Post
The former Yugoslav president spent the last four years on trial over war crimes in the 1990s.

Islamic Radicals Looking to the Balkans

  • 02 December 05
  • The Washington Post
The raid netted explosives, rifles, other arms and a videotape pledging vengeance for the ""brothers"" killed fighting Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Talks Begin on Kosovo's Future

  • 23 November 05
  • The Washington Post
Six years after the end of warfare here, fear and suspicion still enforce a strict separation of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo, but for the first time both sides are beginning to picture a future in which they might -- just might -- live together.

Icon Stands for Unfulfilled Wish

  • 08 October 03
  • The Washington Post
A centuries-old Russian Orthodox icon of the Madonna and Child rests in the apartment of Pope John Paul II, the last stop so far in a journey through Europe from its home in Kazan, a city east of Moscow.

Offensive Revives Arafat's Stature

  • 10 April 02
  • The Washington Post
Palestinians consulted in a series of interviews, including those who used to complain bitterly about his leadership, have closed ranks behind Yasser Arafat.

Moscow River's Murky Mysteries

  • 11 October 00
  • The Washington Post
In 40 years of underwater rescue work, Lev Shurygin had rarely received such a strange request. A car had slid into the Moscow River, and while the owner said he would be happy to recover it, he would settle for an envelope he left on the front seat. ""I got the envelope, it was a bag inside a bag, and when I came to the surface, I handed it over,"" said Shurygin. ""The owner ran off, just like that. He didn't bother to come back for the car."" What was in the envelope? ""I didn't ask. Probably better not to know."" Shurygin and a dozen other muscular men who work out of a nondescript building tucked away in south Moscow belong to one of the city's oddest professions. They are scuba divers whose territory is the Moscow River and its myriad tributaries. This is not Jacques Cousteau country. The Moscow River is murky and heavily polluted. Visibility in its slimy depths is virtually nil.

Regal Dreams of Splendor in Tiny Klimov House

Former Prisoners Describe House of Horrors

URUS-MARTAN, Chechnya -- For a former girls' orphanage, the command post in this dusty Chechen town is a fearsome-looking place. Sandbags are piled high against the outside walls and stuffed into windows of the three-story brown brick building, and snipers lurk on the roof. What goes on inside is even more disturbing, according to the town's residents and other witnesses. Ask Zemilkhan Elmurzayev, a slim, 20-year-old Chechen man who said he spent a week imprisoned there in May on suspicion of being a rebel. In a basement holding cell, he said, a group of 10 drunken soldiers cornered him and demanded that he confess. When he refused, they mocked him for being ""proud."" Then they beat him into unconsciousness, revived him by dousing him with water and raped him for about two hours. ""I pleaded that this was not necessary. But they assaulted me over and over,"" Elmurzayev said in an interview two weeks ago. ""I thought to myself, 'I will die here.'"" According to other witnesses, some Chechens have died.

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