Articles by Mark Heinrich

U.S. Warns About Limits on Observers

  • 02 November 07
  • Reuters
The OSCE, meanwhile, says the curbs are unprecedented and could prevent a judgment on whether the Duma vote is fair.

Iran Installs 328 Centrifuges at Natanz

  • 06 February 07
  • Reuters
Iran has installed two cascades of 164 centrifuges each in its underground nuclear plant, laying a basis for full-scale enrichment of uranium and upping the stakes in a standoff with the West, European diplomats said Monday.

IAEA Denounces U.S. Evaluation

  • 15 September 06
  • Reuters
UN inspectors have protested a U.S. report on Iran's nuclear work in a letter to the U.S. government and a Congressional committee, calling parts of the report ""outrageous and dishonest.""

UN: Iran Failed to Halt Enrichment

  • 01 September 06
  • Reuters
The nuclear watchdog's declaration exposes the Islamist state to possible sanctions from the West.

IAEA Says Iran Is Still Resistant

  • 13 June 06
  • Reuters
The agency's chief says Iran is refusing to cooperate in investigations into its nuclear program but that a new proposal gives hope.

World Leaders Seek Iran Incentives

  • 02 June 06
  • Reuters
Iran on Thursday spurned a U.S. offer of direct talks on its nuclear program as major world powers sought agreement on incentives to coax it to scrap potentially weapons-related atomic work.

EU Likely to Talk With Iran About Russian Plan

  • 23 November 05
  • Reuters
European Union powers are willing to revive nuclear talks with Iran to discuss a Russian proposal aimed at defusing an impasse over what the West believes is an Iranian atomic bomb program, diplomats said Tuesday.

Israel Slows Gaza Pullback Plan

  • 02 February 05
  • Reuters
Israel will slow a planned pullback from West Bank cities because of Gaza violence that has frayed a de facto truce and raised doubts that Palestinians can keep militants in check, officials said Tuesday.

Militants Shoot Worker, Mar Truce

  • 01 July 03
  • Reuters
Palestinian militants shot dead a foreign worker in the West Bank on Monday, calling into question a cease-fire with Israel that their leaders declared under a fragile U.S.-backed Middle East peace plan.

High Serbian Officials Criticize Milosevic

Belgrade Considers Provisional Rule

Serbian Opposition Appeals to West

Serbian Hardliners Fan Flames of Crisis

Belgrade Police Turn Marchers Loose

Serb Leaders Concede Defeat in One Election

Belgrade Protesters Mark 43rd Day

zetbegovic Leading Race for Presidency

Envoy Cites New Serb Flexibility

Croatia Names Indicted General to Senior Army Post

Serbs Agree To Return Key Region To Croatia

Tudjman Party Takes Lead in Elections

Analysts: No All-Out War in Croatia

New UN Chief Flies Into Bosnia

UN Cease-Fire Brokering Meets Mutual Bad Faith

Bosnian Serbs Vow To Reopen Roads

Bosnian Cease-Fire Snagged

Artillery Fire Inside Bihac Mars Truce

Black-Marketeering Probe Targets Russian Peacekeepers

Sarajevo Anti-Sniping Pact Signed

un makes threat it may quit bosnia