Articles by Gareth Jones

Polish Thaw Seen Safe Despite Crash Worries

  • 13 October 10
  • Reuters
Sober calculations of their national interests will keep a rapprochement between Poland and Russia on track, despite tensions over gas supplies and over a probe into April's plane crash that killed the Polish president, analysts said.

West Told Not to Antagonize Russia

  • 08 May 08
  • Reuters
The West should avoid antagonizing Moscow by rushing to let former Soviet republics such as Ukraine join NATO or by installing an anti-missile shield in Central Europe, Poland's last communist leader said Wednesday.

Turkey's Headscarf Ban Could Be Eased

  • 30 January 08
  • Reuters
The ruling party and opposition nationalists have submitted plans to allow a traditional Turkish style.

Turkish Foreign Policy Increasingly Islamist

  • 20 April 06
  • Reuters
U.S. Congressman Robert Wexler did not mince his words during a visit to Ankara last week when he condemned Turkey's decision in February to host leaders of the militant Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

Growth in Turkey's Vineyards

  • 23 March 06
  • Reuters
When the Ozbek family began planting vines, their neighbors told them they were committing a mortal sin and would face divine retribution.

EU Sets Guidelines for Expansion East

  • 29 October 02
  • Reuters
European Union leaders reached a crucial agreement on financial terms for the bloc's eastward enlargement Friday.

Poles Nervous as Leaders Strive to Join EU

  • 27 February 02
  • Reuters
Romuald Lempicki has survived Nazi German occupation, Soviet communism and the 1990s ""shock therapy"" of market reforms, but fears the end could finally be in sight for his small family farm.

10 Nations on Track For EU Membership

  • 17 December 01
  • Reuters
European Union leaders on Saturday named the 10 mostly ex-communist countries they believe are on track to join their wealthy club by 2004, but made clear the candidates still have a lot of work ahead to qualify.

Putin Softens Stance on NATO

  • 04 October 01
  • Reuters
President Putin, in Brussels at a Russia-EU summit, signaled a more flexible view of NATO enlargement.

Ex-KGB Spy Goes Courting Ex-Soviet Dissidents

  • 29 September 00
  • Reuters
Last week's Putin-Solzhenitsyn meeting was a watershed in the president's efforts to define his philosophy.

Famed Cosmonaut Titov Dead at 65

  • 22 September 00
  • Reuters
Former cosmonaut German Titov, the second Russian in space after Yury Gagarin and the first person to spend more than a day in orbit, has died aged 65, police said Thursday.

Financial Stakes Mean Treaty Must Be Found

  • 06 September 00
  • Reuters
Russia and Japan look set to remain in a technical state of war for some time to come following the failure of their leaders this week to seal a peace treaty.

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