Articles by Paul Holmes

Garner, the 'Sheriff of Baghdad'

  • 11 April 03
  • Reuters
When the Pentagon called on Jay Garner back in January to become Washington's ""viceroy-designate"" in Iraq, a thought may have flashed through his mind of a scene from the past.

India, Pakistan Cool War Rhetoric

  • 10 June 02
  • Reuters
Nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan have toned down their war rhetoric ahead of a visit this week by U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who will renew international efforts to avert conflict in South Asia.

Afghanistan Approves UN Peacekeepers

  • 20 December 01
  • Reuters
The focus of the war in Afghanistan switched to peace and to Kabul on Tuesday, where leaders put the finishing touches to a new administration and agreed on a foreign security force.

Repairs Delayed Doomed Plane in Paris

Israelis See Futility in Russian Fight

Frustrated Israeli Minister Threatens to Resign

Israel Bombing Claims 7

Deal Hinted at on Israeli Settlements

Palestinians March, Envoy Pushes On

Rockets Escalate Tensions in Mideast

Pontiff to Appeal for Peace In Still-Divided Sarajevo

Italy Premier Risks All for Force

Italy Vows Hunt for Drowned Refugees

Row Clouds EU 40-Year Celebration

Italy Sees Albania Force Decision Soon

Albanian Boats Refused Entry As Immigrants Pour Into Italy

UN Food Official Defends Summit

Coalition to Face Difficult Path

Ballot-Weary Italians Set for Weekend Vote

Stability Unlikely From Italy Vote

EU Summit to Address Changes, Future of Bloc

As Italy Hosts EU, Politicians Vie for Attention

Italians Criticize Election Selections

Political 'Fixer' Takes Shaky Reins in Italy

Italy's Premier Dini Announces Resignation

Pope Rests at Summer Home After Illness Disrupts Holiday

Berlusconi Calls for Vote Of No-Confidence in Dini

Dini Wins Crucial Confidence Vote

Dini Calls Budget Confidence Vote

Dini Wins Support Vote With Opposition's Help