Articles by Jonathan Lynn

Georgia Talks Delayed Until Nov. 18

  • 16 October 08
  • Reuters
Talks over Georgia's breakaway regions were suspended until next month as soon as they started Wednesday, with both Russia and Georgia blaming each other for the breakdown.

Biggest Viking Hoard Unveiled

  • 26 June 02
  • Reuters
Four years ago, a farmer digging in his fields in Sweden's Baltic island of Gotland came across a Viking coin.

Iceland Sell-Offs Put Focus on Bourse

IMF Plays Up Progress, Denies Talk Of Trouble

Ukrainian Shares Ignore Uncertainties, Soar On

Sibneft Shareholders Endorse Scheme to Issue Extra Shares

State Hands 1998 Budget to Duma

Inflation Edges Up, Output Stagnant

Inflation Edges Up, Output Stagnant

IMF Likely to Find Stabler Economy

Russia to Sell 5% of LUKOIL

Lending Rate Cut, T-Bill Yields Fall

Reformers Show cased AtEBRD

IMF Mulls Release in May for Delayed Loans

Capitals Head for Capital Markets

Seized MinFin Bonds Ordered Unfrozen by Russian Officials

Kazakh Debt Rating May Top Russia's

Treasuries Market Loosened

Russia Pushes for EBRD Funds

IMF Chief to Visit Russia

Rumor Mill Mulls Chubais Successors

Record Low For Inflation Weekly Rate

World Bank Head Impressed by Progress

Top Deputy Says Budget Unrealistic

Moscow Gears Up For Futures Trading

Primorskoye Tries to Calm Shareholders

Questions on East Europe Bonds

West Plunges Into Eastern Media

EBRD: Debts Hold Key to East's Future

Moscow's Lost Chagall Murals, Finally on View