Articles by Andrei Khalip

Resorts and Slums Follow Oil Wealth

  • 30 July 07
  • Reuters
Jose Costa moved to Brazil's oil boomtown of Macae two years ago hoping to find a job on a sparkling offshore rig but settled instead for work as a landlocked janitor with a shack to call home.

Russia's Oil Spices Up Brazilian TV

  • 27 August 04
  • Reuters
A Russian oil baron suffering from memory loss finds out he is Brazilian and his family has been killed. He goes to the tropical country to do business, seek revenge and look for his lost love.

Energomash Plans Brazilian Comeback

  • 31 August 01
  • Reuters
An electricity shortage in Brazil is causing Russian power firms to consider a comeback in Latin America.

Brazilian Seeks Own Niva Plant

  • 09 November 00
  • Reuters
It might be slow, heavy, and noisy, but the Russian Niva four-wheel-drive vehicle could once again be a feature on Brazil's hilly coffee plantations or bumpy rural roads.

Bolshoi Opens New Ballet School in Brazil

Rhythmic Brazilians Set To Learn Bolshoi Method

Mandela Says Owes Moscow Personal Debt

Maslyukov:Cabinet on Way Out

Final Russian Anti-Crisis Plan Due Tuesday

Former Premier Makes War Apology

Yeltsin Congratulates Lebed on Win

Woman Cosmonaut Blasts Space Program

Gazprom Shapes Image Using Media

New Sell-Off Chief Called 'Moderate'

aIndonesia to Buy Sukhoi Fighter Jets

2-Man Relief Crew Prepares For Upcoming Journey to Mir

Weapons Researcher Dies from Radiation

Federal Security Chief Offers 'Hotline' for Double Agents

Officials Deny Reported Theft of Warheads

Nemtsov's Car Plan Receives Setback

Diamond Firm Plans To Go Transnational

De Beers Deal Rough on Cutters

Skoda Venture Unlikely, Russian Carmakers Say

Space Diet Gets Earthly Pinch

Commission: No Rybinsk Sale

House Building Plan Launched

Despite Protest, Engine Maker to Be Sold

Customs Union Plan 'Under Way': Official

Bank Frees Hard-Currency Sales

City Security Tight in Wake of Attack