Articles by Candice Hughes

Scandal Prompts Pope to Call In U.S. Clergy

  • 17 April 02
  • The Associated Press
Pope John Paul II has summoned American cardinals to the Vatican for an extraordinary meeting to talk about sex-abuse scandals in the U.S. church.

Berlusconi Declares West Superior

  • 28 September 01
  • The Associated Press
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said Western civilization is superior to Islam.

Trade at Top of Putin's Agenda at Italy Talks

Venice Film Festival Opens With a Star-Studded Bang

NATO Halts Bombing as Serbs Pull Out

Milosevic Accepts Kosovo Peace Plan

Milosevic Reviews New Plan For Peace

9-Hour Belgrade Talks Get Nowhere

Milosevic's Opposition Loses Ground

NATO Airstrike Kills 79 Refugees

Serbs Insist They're Pulling Troops Out

Classic Gorby a Hit at Italian Songfest

That Elusive Russian Funny Bone

Christmas Consuming a la Russe

For Russia's flamboyant New Rich, the upscale Sadko Arcade is the place to visit during the Christmas holidays. Sadko secured its spot in the annals of conspicuous consumption two years ago with its costly, plush animals. In some Moscow circles, 1994 became the Year of the $10,000 Stuffed Horse. This year, Sadko's theme is Home Holiday Decor, and the Swiss-run arcade blazes with a dazzling array of handmade German decorations and artificial trees costing as much as $4,500. ""It's snow-proof, water-proof!"" Sadko executive Martin Binder enthuses, gesturing at the 4 1/2-meter-high faux fir. ""You can even put it outside!"" The flashy, post-Soviet elite used to flaunt its wealth in the bluntest possible fashion: Wear it, drink it, drive it, eat it. But the days when a Mercedes said it all are over. Now, Russia's New Rich are getting house proud, Binder says. He's sold seven of the trees so far, and five $1,290 angels with silver wings and golden hair. As for the $329 wreaths, well, he's simply lost count.

Museum Sets New War Loot Exhibit

The Comic Relief

'God Forbid!' Anti-Communist Paper Backfires

Blase New Rich Plan To Sit Out Elections

Don't expect a line of limousines at the polls Sunday. Many of the people flourishing in the ""new'' Russia probably won't bother to vote. Predictions that anti-reform parties -- like the Communists -- who court the angry, the elderly and the impoverished will do well in the parliamentary elections don't seem to faze the new rich. If Rome is about to burn, these people are reaching for their fiddles. Maxim's, the posh French restaurant, is already half-booked for a $450-a-plate New Year's Eve feast of oysters, caviar and duck. ""People are calling every day,'' said headwaiter Andrei Ozol, who recommends a nice bottle of 1971 Chateau Petrus Pomerol for just $4,500 to go with it. Business is also brisk at the Maserati dealership, where salesman Vadim Zityatdinov reports that a client recently paid cash -- more than $200,000 -- for one of the sleek Italian sports cars.

Vlad Greets U.S. 'Soul Mate'

Travel-Hungry Russians Face Visa Trap

Yakutia Diamonds: Not for Everyone

Pushkin to Exhibit German 'Trophy Art'

The Chechen President's Turbulent Career

No Public Celebrations For Sakharov's Birthday

Lost Treasure of Troy to Go on Display

  • 27 August 93
  • The Associated Press