Articles by Tom Heneghan

Patriarch, Pope Could Meet in a Year or Two

  • 02 October 07
  • Reuters
Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II has said on the eve of a visit to France that a historic meeting with Pope Benedict XVI could take place in a year or two if it is properly prepared.

European Mosque Plans Face Protests

  • 09 August 07
  • Reuters
PARIS -- With petitions in London, a court case in Marseille and a violent clash in Berlin, Muslims in Europe are meeting resistance to plans for mosques that befit Islam's status as the continent's second religion.

Pope Urged to Ax 'Vicar of Jesus' Title

  • 06 April 06
  • Reuters
A Russian Orthodox bishop calls this and other titles scandalous and a hindrance to better relations with the Catholic Church.

Assassination Attempt Stuns France

  • 16 July 02
  • Reuters
A neo-Nazi gunman accused of trying to kill French President Jacques Chirac underwent psychiatric tests on Monday as a stunned France worried about security gaps and the murky world of far-right groups.

World's Highest Tunnel Is Reopened

  • 21 January 02
  • Reuters
Afghan and Russian officials reopened the Salang Tunnel, the highest in the world, on Saturday after workers cleared tons of debris left over from war there in the late 1990s.

Moscow Tracked Bin Laden

  • 27 September 01
  • Reuters
According to Russian information Osama bin Laden had over 13,000 men in Afghanistan earlier this year.

World Goes on Anti-Terrorism Alert

  • 13 September 01
  • Reuters
Cities around the globe stepped up security measures Wednesday after the most potent symbols of American economic and military might fell victim to faceless terror.

Violence, Not Sex, Turns Minister Off

French Police Seek Photographers Who Fled

Bundesbank, Waigel Get Gold Deal

German Budget Sparks European Fears

Kohl Marks Record Tenure as Chancellor

German Media Sing Praises As Chancellor Nears Record

Holocaust Book Flawed, Author Tells Germans

Merger Failure Shows German Unity Elusive

German Institute Skewed Poll On Election

German Candidates Prepare for Elections

Germany, Israel Bridge Bitter Past

Dynamic New German Opposition Leader Jolts CDU

Kinkel Comes Under Fire Over Islamic Conference

Kohl Dealt Setback at Party Meeting

Kohl Party Attempts to Win Over Green Voters

German LDP Fights For Survival, Identity

Radio Free Europe Preps Final Munich Broadcast

German Right Raises Ghost of Nationalism

War Anniversaries Challenge Germany

War Anniversaries Challenge Germany

Kohl Re-Elected by One-Vote Margin

German Election Hinges on Margins

German Elections Mixed Bag for Kohl