Articles by Edith M. Lederer

UN Vote for Nuclear-Free World

  • 25 September 09
  • The Associated Press
Russian and Chinese support gave clout to a U.S.-sponsored resolution calling for disarmament and anti-proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world.

Lavrov Seeks Revival Of Global Coalition

  • 29 September 08
  • The Associated Press
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Saturday for a revival of the global coalition that brought the world together to fight terrorism after Sept. 11, 2001, but started unraveling after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and what he called the subsequent domination of world affairs by a single power — a veiled reference to the United States.

UN Calls for Armenian Pullout From Karabakh

  • 17 March 08
  • The Associated Press
The UN General Assembly approved a resolution Friday demanding that ethnic Armenian forces immediately withdraw from the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan, but the vote reflected widespread unease at UN interference in efforts to resolve the conflict.

Iranian Minister Offended by Dress

  • 07 May 07
  • The Associated Press
Larissa Abramova, a Ukrainian violinist, thought her red dress was lovely. But apparently it offended Iran's foreign minister -- and got him out of a gala dinner attended by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Panama's UN Bid Moves Ahead

  • 03 November 06
  • The Associated Press
Guatemala and Venezuela agreed to withdraw from the race for a seat on the UN Security Council and support Panama as a consensus candidate, ending a lengthy deadlock and paving the way for the Central American nation to join the UN's most powerful body.

U.S. Pressed to Lift Sanctions

  • 18 October 06
  • The Associated Press
Russia's UN ambassador hints that U.S. refusal could affect United Nations sanctions against Iran.

Lavrov Voices Hope for Talks With Iran

  • 25 September 06
  • The Associated Press
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said there is a reasonable chance Iran will return to negotiations on its nuclear program, and he cautioned against setting artificial deadlines.

Churkin Sees Shift in Mood Over Iran

  • 12 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Russia's UN ambassador said the confrontational approach toward Iran over its nuclear program had changed as a result of this week's ministerial meeting to a new strategy of engagement that will offer Tehran broad incentives to suspend uranium enrichment.

UN Forms Human Rights Council

  • 11 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Cuba, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia won seats on the new U.N. Human Rights Council despite their poor human rights records but two rights abusers, Iran and Venezuela, were defeated.

UN Demands That Syria Cooperate in Probe

  • 01 November 05
  • The Associated Press
The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution Monday demanding Syria's full cooperation with a UN investigation into the assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister and warning of possible ""further action"" if it does not.

UN Reports on Oil-for-Food Abuses

  • 28 October 05
  • The Associated Press
The report details how companies including LUKoil and Gazprom channeled $1.8 billion to Saddam Hussein's regime.

Russia Opposes Sanctions Against Syria

  • 27 October 05
  • The Associated Press
The United States, France and Britain ran into strong opposition Wednesday from Russia and Algeria over their threat to impose sanctions against Syria if Damascus fails to cooperate fully with a UN investigation into the assassination of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Annan Kicks Off 60th UN Session With a Plea

  • 15 September 05
  • The Associated Press
Bush, addressing a skeptical audience, tries to sell his blueprints for spreading democracy in Iraq and elsewhere.

Annan Blamed in Oil-for-Food Report

  • 08 September 05
  • The Associated Press
In a devastating assessment of the UN oil-for-food program in Iraq, investigators strongly criticized Secretary-General Kofi Annan, his deputy and the Security Council for allowing Saddam Hussein to bilk $10.2 billion as a result of the giant humanitarian operation.

Iraqi Official Asks U.S. Not to Pull Troops Out

  • 02 June 05
  • The Associated Press
Iraq is concerned that the United States may pull out its troops before the Iraqi army and police are ready to take responsibility for the country's security, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said.

UN Treaty Targets Nuclear Threat

  • 14 April 05
  • The Associated Press
The global treaty would strengthen the legal basis to combat nuclear terrorism.

Report Cites Abuse of UN Oil Program

  • 04 February 05
  • The Associated Press
Former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker says his investigation of corruption in the oil-for-food program in Iraq found that program director Benon Sevan engaged in ""an irreconcilable conflict of interest"" by choosing the companies that bought Saddam Hussein's oil.

UN Gives Clinton Tsunami Relief Role

  • 03 February 05
  • The Associated Press
Secretary-General Kofi Annan has selected former U.S. President Bill Clinton to be the UN's point man for tsunami reconstruction and ensure that the world does not forget the needs of the countries devastated by the Dec. 26 disaster, a well-informed UN diplomat said Tuesday.

Zhukov Defends Russia at Davos

  • 31 January 05
  • The Associated Press
Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov dismissed critics who claim Russia is becoming an authoritarian state, insisting Friday that the government remains committed to democracy and a market economy with no intention of nationalizing anything.

Nuclear Equipment 'Disappears' in Iraq

  • 13 October 04
  • The Associated Press
The UN nuclear watchdog expressed concern Monday at the disappearance of high-precision equipment from Iraq's nuclear facilities that could be used to make nuclear weapons.

UN: Sudan Blocking Aid Efforts

  • 16 June 04
  • The Associated Press
The UN humanitarian chief criticized the Sudanese government for blocking aid workers, food and equipment from reaching the western region of Darfur, where 2 million people desperately need aid.

U.S. Calls for Vote on Iraq Resolution

  • 09 June 04
  • The Associated Press
The United States called for a vote on a UN resolution endorsing the restoration of Iraq's sovereignty after a last-minute compromise. France said it would vote for the measure, and German support also seemed likely.

Allawi: Iraq to Control Its Army

  • 08 June 04
  • The Associated Press
Iraq's new prime minister told the UN Security Council his government will retain control of the country's armed forces and work in ""full partnership"" with the U.S.-led multinational force to coordinate joint military operations and security policy, according to a letter obtained Sunday.

U.S., Britain Present Iraq Proposal to UN

  • 25 May 04
  • The Associated Press
The United States and Britain presented a new UN resolution Monday that would transfer ""governing authority"" in Iraq to a sovereign interim government by June 30 and authorize a multinational force to maintain peace, but it didn't spell out whether the Iraqis could ask the U.S.-led force to leave.

UN's Iraq Oil Probe Angers Russia

  • 19 April 04
  • The Associated Press
Russia said Friday it strongly opposes a United Nations resolution endorsing an investigation of the UN oil-for-food program which diplomats say former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker is insisting on before agreeing to chair the inquiry.

UN Urges Georgia and Abkhazia to Talk Peace

  • 02 February 04
  • The Associated Press
The UN Security Council urged Georgia's new government and Abkhazian separatists on Friday to revitalize the peace process and make concessions to achieve a lasting political settlement.

Annan Mulls UN Role in Iraq

  • 20 January 04
  • The Associated Press
Secretary-General Kofi Annan sought ""greater clarity"" in talks set for Monday with U.S. and Iraqi officials about a possible UN role in Iraq as the Bush administration faced a dispute with a prominent Shiite cleric over choosing a provisional government.

UN Security Council Debates Resolution

  • 03 October 03
  • The Associated Press
The Security Council on Thursday began debating a new U.S. draft resolution on handing over power in Baghdad to Iraqis and giving the United Nations a larger role.

Under Fire at UN, Bush Requests Aid for Iraq

  • 24 September 03
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush told the United Nations on Tuesday that a democratic transition in Iraq would not be rushed, responding to French and German calls for a quick handover.

Security Council Ends Iraqi Sanctions

  • 23 May 03
  • The Associated Press
The UN Security Council overwhelmingly approved a resolution Thursday giving UN backing to the U.S.-led administration of Iraq and lifting economic sanctions against that country.