Articles by Jim Wolf

Boeing Floats New Shield Plan

  • 21 August 09
  • Reuters
The company says its proposed mobile missile could calm RussiaТs missile defense jitters.

Missile Maker Offers Fix to Shield Dispute

  • 20 August 09
  • Reuters
Raytheon, the worldТs biggest missile maker, is developing a new system that could help resolve a U.S.-Russian deadlock over Bush-era plans to extend into Europe the U.S. shield against ballistic missiles.

F-35 Warplane Project Makes First Test Flight

  • 18 December 06
  • Reuters
The costliest-ever international warplane project, the F-35 Lightning 2 Joint Strike Fighter, safely completed its first test flight Friday, advancing a $276.5 billion program financed by the United States and eight other countries.

Northrop in $2.1Bln Deal to Buy Newport

  • 10 November 01
  • Reuters
Northrop Grumman Corp. said Thursday it had signed a definitive $2.1 billion deal to buy Newport News Shipbuilding Inc., winning a six-month war with General Dynamics Corp. for control of the submarine and aircraft-carrier builder.

Massood's Death Was An Unlikely Coincidence

  • 24 September 01
  • Reuters
U.S. intelligence officials stated they believe the recently-slain leader of Afghan rebels fighting the ruling Taliban was probably killed by Osama bin Laden's associates.

U.S. Runs Test of ABM Defense

  • 16 July 01
  • Reuters
The U.S. Defense Department shot down a mock warhead over the Pacific Ocean late Saturday in a successful test of a controversial anti-ballistic missile defense.

U.S. Official: Russians Working on Cyber War

  • 25 June 01
  • Reuters
A U.S. intelligence official told Congress that some nations are developing cyber attacking techniques.

Ex-KGB, CIA Spooks Join to Fight Cyber-Spies

  • 23 May 01
  • Reuters
A former head of KGB code-scrambling and an ex-director of the CIA rolled out Monday what they called a revolutionary way of hiding Internet communications from prying eyes.

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