Articles by Susan Cornwell

Wary Congress Gets Russian Nuclear Pact

  • 15 May 08
  • Reuters
U.S. President George W. Bush has asked Congress to review a civilian nuclear deal with Russia, but lawmakers warned that it might be blocked over Moscow's links to Iran's nuclear program.

U.S. Administration Pushes Nuclear Pact

  • 05 May 08
  • Reuters
The administration of U.S. President George W. Bush hopes to send a pact on civilian nuclear cooperation with Russia to the U.S. Congress in the next month, but a congressional aide said there would be strong resistance to the deal.

Lobbyists Choke U.S. Reforms

  • 04 June 02
  • Reuters
For months, the skies over Capitol Hill have rained post-Enron reform proposals, but the legislation effort is slowly evaporating under the heat applied by business opponents.

Senate Eyes Enron's White House Links

  • 25 March 02
  • Reuters
A U.S. Senate committee has issued subpoenas to Enron Corp. board members to ask about their contacts with the Bush and Clinton administrations, including communications on energy policy.

Congress Sues Cheney for Enron Papers

  • 25 February 02
  • Reuters
The investigative arm of the U.S. Congress filed an unprecedented lawsuit against the White House on Friday, demanding to learn the role that energy companies including Enron Corp. played in developing the Bush administration's energy policy.

Cheney, GAO Set for Strange Court Battle

  • 01 February 02
  • Reuters
Legal experts disagree over who has the better case as the U.S. Congress' investigative arm prepared a legal action to find out how President George. W. Bush's energy policy was crafted.

Putin Asks Foreigners To Have Faith, Invest

Archive Shows Allies' Plan to Battle Soviets

Clinton Opens Washington Memorial to FDR

U.S. Senate, Not Kremlin, Could Halt NATO Drive

U.S. Backs Peacekeepers for Karabakh

Clinton Fetes Akihito, Stresses Ties

Clinton Wants Crime Bill Passed Soon

U.S. Spurns Appeal To Mediate in Ulster

WASHINGTON -- President Bill Clinton has rejected calls by Irish activist Gerry Adams to pressure Britain on Northern Ireland as the White House moved to keep the controversy from souring Anglo-American relations. Clinton said his 1992 campaign proposal to name a U.S. envoy to mediate in Northern Ireland had been overtaken by events. Recently, he said, an ""astonishing"" peace initiative had been launched by the British and Irish prime ministers in December, and Adams should back it. ""Let's be fair. The people that have to resolve this are the Irish and the British,"" Clinton told reporters at the news conference Tuesday after one asked him his response to Adams' call for U.S. involvement and reminded him of his campaign pledge. ""When I spoke about that in the campaign, we didn't have the evidence that we now have, that the British and the Irish governments would take the steps that they have taken,"" Clinton said.