Articles by Paul Mylrea

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Blair Sweeps Out Old British Political Traditions

Blair Cautions New Legislators

Major, Blair Trade Shots On Europe

British Churches Slam Tories, Labour

Labour Taunts Major Over Scandals

Conservatives Under Pressure In Parliament Sleaze Scandal

British Health Minister Flip-Flops on Europe

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Britain's Battle for Parliament Intensifies

British Crime Bill Effort Draws Opposition's Fire

3 Police Shot in Catholic Protests

Princess Di Weighs Charles' New Offer

Irish Ministers Deliver Vote for Major

Major Likely to Survive Arms Sale Vote

Irish Cease-Fire in Danger as Talks Stall

Major Survives Test With Clear Victory

Second Bombshell As Hurd Bows Out

'Euro-Skeptics' Prompt Threat to Major's Rule

Major Says No Rift With United States

After Row On Adams, Major to Woo U.S.

Major Faces Crucial Vote on Europe

Britain Asks: Why Privatization?

Sinn Fein, Britain in Historic Meeting

Diana's Five-Year Affair Hits the Presses

fa punishes spurs with fine, cup ban