Articles by Timothy Heritage

EU and Russia Hope for a New Start

  • 18 November 09
  • Reuters
President Dmitry Medvedev and the EUТs Swedish presidency will seek to rebuild trust shattered during RussiaТs war with Georgia last year but boosted by a deal this week on an Уearly warningФ mechanism to shield Europe from supply cuts.

Gaymard Promises Economic Upturn

  • 01 December 04
  • Reuters
New French Finance Minister Herve Gaymard vowed Tuesday to pursue an ambitious industrial policy by turning firms into ""European champions,"" and cut unemployment and boost growth to make the economy more dynamic.

Chirac Reshuffles Allies, Star Minister in Cabinet

  • 01 April 04
  • Reuters
French President Jacques Chirac named Nicolas Sarkozy, France's best-liked politician, as his finance minister on Wednesday and handed him the key task of pushing through unpopular economic reforms.

Politics at Cameraman's Funeral

  • 21 August 03
  • Reuters
Mazen Dana, the Reuters cameraman killed by U.S. troops in Iraq, was buried Wednesday in the West Bank city where he braved bullets to chronicle the tragedy of Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed.

Suicide Bomber Kills 11 in Jerusalem

  • 22 November 02
  • Reuters
A Palestinian militant killed 11 people and injured 49 when he blew himself up on a crowded bus in Jerusalem on Thursday.

Israel Eyes Talks, Eases Restrictions

  • 30 July 02
  • Reuters
Israel's defense minister said Monday he hoped to hold security talks with Palestinians in the next few days, but the killing of a teenage Palestinian girl only hours before dented hopes of reviving dialogue.

Palestinians Plan Election, Arafat to Run

  • 27 June 02
  • Reuters
The Palestinian Authority, under pressure from U.S. President George W. Bush to dump Yasser Arafat as its leader, announced Wednesday that presidential elections will be held in mid-January.

Uncertainty Surrounds Cease-Fire in Mideast

  • 20 September 01
  • Reuters
Fierce international pressure on Israel and the Palestinians since last week's attacks on the United States has opened the door to a cease-fire after a year of bloodshed.

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Yeltsin Shows He's Back With Vigorous Summit

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