Articles by Tony Czuczka

Putin, Schroeder to Talk Business

  • 21 December 04
  • The Associated Press
President Vladimir Putin on Monday began a visit to Germany to discuss growing economic ties and reaffirm friendly relations after tension flared between Moscow and the West over Ukraine's presidential elections.

Iraqi Diplomats Left Stranded in Embassies

  • 11 April 03
  • The Associated Press
As Saddam Hussein's government collapsed, Iraqi diplomats were jumping ship, burning documents or at the very least, left stranded in their embassies without orders and unsure of who their new boss will be.

Russia, France, Germany Offer a Plan for Iraq

  • 25 February 03
  • The Associated Press
France, Germany and Russia submitted a proposal Monday in the United Nations for the step-by-step disarmament of Iraq.

Schroeder Taps Into Peace Movement

  • 31 January 03
  • The Associated Press
Tapping Germany's zeitgeist before weekend elections, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is standing up boldly to the United States, resisting its push for war in Iraq and presenting himself as a champion of peace.

Afghan Summit Makes Progress

  • 03 December 01
  • The Associated Press
The United Nations presented a draft deal on Afghanistan's political future Sunday, outlining terms for the Northern Alliance to transfer power as part of intense international efforts to secure peace and stability in the war-torn country.

Unwashed Leaders Say Summit A Success

German Building Giant Folds After Bailout Talks Collapse

Schreder's Cabinet Approves Controversial Austerity Plan

Russia, West Hit Snags on Kosovo

Belgrade Signals Desire For Deal

Kohl Rejects European Jobs Program

  • 14 November 97
  • The Associated Press
Chancellor Helmut Kohl on Thursday rejected any Europe-wide program to create jobs, saying that governments would not solve the problem by throwing money at it.

court rejects nazi slave laborer's claims

U.S. Plan On Global Warming Called Weak

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German Spy Chief Quits Over Russian Goods Sale

Israeli President Says He 'Cannot Forgive'

At UN, Pope Calls for 'Solidarity'

Germany, Bolivia Kick Off World Cup '94