Articles by Shawn Pogatchnik

Irish Leader Seeks Stable Coalition

  • 28 May 07
  • The Associated Press
Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, the savvy survivor of Irish politics, looked ahead to another five years in charge of Europe's most economically dynamic country -- but faced tough negotiations to produce a stable coalition government.

Britain Plans N. Ireland Elections

  • 31 January 07
  • The Associated Press
Britain shut down Northern Ireland's legislature Tuesday and planned a new election to determine the fate of power sharing, the central goal of the peace accord for this British territory.

Northern Irish Rival Factions Talk Peace

  • 12 October 06
  • The Associated Press
Northern Ireland's rival factions traveled Wednesday to Scotland, where the British and Irish governments were hoping a change of scenery and a day-and-night diplomatic effort might inspire a breakthrough on power sharing, an elusive dream of peacemaking.

General Says IRA Has Disarmed

  • 27 September 05
  • The Associated Press
The Irish Republican Army has given up its entire arsenal of weapons, the Canadian general who supervised the tortuous process said Monday.

Police Attacked by Protestant Rioters in Northern Ireland

  • 13 September 05
  • The Associated Press
Protestant extremists attacked police and British troops for a third day Monday, littering streets with rubble and burned-out vehicles in an orgy of violence sparked by anger over a restricted parade.

Paisley Rejects Devolution Deal

  • 09 December 04
  • The Associated Press
Northern Ireland's top Protestant politician on Wednesday accused the Irish Republican Army of refusing to make any commitments on disarmament -- a development that underscored the problems besetting the province's new peace proposals.

IRA Ditches More Arms As Britain Sets Elections

  • 22 October 03
  • The Associated Press
Britain set an election date in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republican Army swiftly responded Tuesday by confirming it had disposed of more weapons.

Britain, Ireland Mull Poll Delay

  • 29 April 03
  • The Associated Press
Britain and Ireland discussed Monday whether to postpone a key election in Northern Ireland because of fears that it could poison efforts to revive power-sharing.

Britain May Suspend Belfast Government in Spy Scandal

  • 11 October 02
  • The Associated Press
Northern Ireland's cross-community administration faced probable suspension by Britain next week after moderate Catholic politicians said Wednesday they wouldn't punish Sinn Fein over alleged IRA spying.

IRA Issues Unexpected Apology

  • 18 July 02
  • The Associated Press
The Irish Republican Army has issued an unprecedented apology for hundreds of civilian deaths during 30 years of bombings and other attacks.

Heads Roll at AIB Over Fraud

  • 15 March 02
  • The Associated Press
A half-dozen managers at Allfirst Bank of Maryland have been fired as a result of the $691.2 million fraud committed by a foreign exchange trader, the bank's Irish parent announced Thursday.

Hard-Liners Battle Trimble's Re-election

  • 06 November 01
  • The Associated Press
Protestant hard-liners succeeded Monday in delaying a crucial vote to save Northern Ireland's unity government, but lost a court battle to nullify the ballot.

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Ulster Prison Guards' Homes Attacked

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Orange Leaders Seek To Block Sinn Fein

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Irish Talks Resume Amid More Violence

Irish Sigh Relief at Orange March Compromise

Northern Ireland Prepares For Saturday Showdown

Anti-British Violence Leaves Scores Injured

IRA Gunman Kills 2, Sinn Fein Talks Halted