Articles by Christopher Burns

AIDS Report Shows 30 Million Infected

3 Hurt in French Strike's First Violence

France Plans End to Africa Intervention

New French Premier Nominates Ministers

Le Pen Scraps, Left Dances as French Polls Near

Chirac Bets 'Euro' On Early Election

French Hold 'Serpent' For Inquiry

U.S. Ambassador Harriman Dies

1-Day French Strike Knots Rails, Airlines

French Predict Autumn of Unrest

French Predict Autumn of Unrest

France Vows Retaliation if Sanctions Hit Firms

In Porn, Still East Vs. West

Glitz Opens Cannes Film Festival

Activists Dog Li on Visit to France

Paris Subway Bomb Injures 28

Paris Struck by Terror Bomb, Police Avert Second Explosion

Toll of Paris Metro Bomb Hits 7

France Defiant on Pacific Tests

Cannes Film Festival Kicks Off

Leaders Vow To Tackle Poverty on World Scale

Balladur Announces Presidential Agenda

Hijackers Planned Blast Over Paris

Swiss Police Issue Warrant For Arrest of Cult Leaders

Schumacher Barred From 2 Grand Prix

German Troops Roll Through Paris, Evoking Memories