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PARIS -- France and China signed a further trade agreement Thursday in a show of business as usual after a diplomatic clash over human rights that soured a controversial visit by Chinese Premier Li Peng. Li and President Jacques Chirac attended an unscheduled ceremony at which state-owned French plane-makers Aerospatiale and Aviation Industries of China, or AVIC, signed an undertaking to discuss developing a 100-seat plane for the Chinese domestic market, with other Asian and European partners. Li showed his displeasure Wednesday night at France's intention to raise human rights and democracy, even in mild terms, by keeping Prime Minister Alain Juppe waiting 90 minutes and forcing him to cancel a planned exchange of dinner toasts. Only after Juppe agreed to drop the speeches did the Chinese visitors go ahead with signing contracts totalling 10 billion francs ($2 billion), mostly for 33 European Airbus aircraft.

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