Articles by Robert Lee Hotz

Study Casts Light on Y Chromosome

  • 20 June 03
In scientific circles, the Y chromosome -- the essence of masculinity -- is scorned as the runt of the human genetic family, so henpecked by mutations that it is wasting away.

A Feathered Clue to Evolution

  • 24 January 03
Chinese researchers announced Wednesday the discovery of a feathered dinosaur that glided on four wings -- a diminutive plumed dragon that could be a long-sought evolutionary link between dinosaurs and the first true birds.

Hanging On at the End of the World

  • 23 March 01
VOSTOK, Antarctica Ч At the far end of the landing strip, at the very edge of the ice horizon, is a sliver of snow-drifted buildings and radio towers known as Vostok Station Ч a Russian scientific outpost located on the ice above Lake Vostok that researchers have manned almost continuously for 40 years. The station sits over the south end of the lake at the precise geomagnetic South Pole, surrounded by decades' worth of discarded machinery and waste. In the annals of Antarctica, the privations of the Russian scientists at Vostok have made the station's name a synonym for hardship. Over the years, the Russian scientists here have endured temperatures colder than parts of Mars, dwindling support and reflexive skepticism about the quality of their research from colleagues in Europe and the United States. Recent financial cutbacks in the Russian Antarctic program have left the station with half its normal staff. The austerity measures also mean that Vostok can only be resupplied once a year.

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