Articles by Will Englund

Hotel Rues Prostitute Crackdown

  • 25 July 01
  • The Baltimore Sun
ARDAHAN, Turkey Ч Former boxer that he is, Ozcan Uygur has no plans to give in, but the end of the sex trade here is just killing him. Five years ago Uygur saw a beautiful investment opportunity, here where Turkey runs up against the former Soviet Union, and started building Ardahan's finest hotel, with a waterfall in the restaurant, pink seashell wall sconces, and hot water at least some of the day. But most of his 200 beds go empty every night, and the lobby is lucky if it can boast a few glum business travelers from Istanbul, quietly watching television. The way he sees it, the police, for some unfathomable reason, have taken it upon themselves to choke off the best business this dusty town could ever hope to see Ч the once-flourishing trade of ""Natashas,"" the prostitutes who made their way here from Russia or nearby Georgia or one of the other former Soviet republics. But Ozcan's younger brother, Ozkan, has a different take on things.

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