Articles by Pavel Polityuk

Ukraine СScrapedТ for Gas Cash

  • 08 October 09
  • Reuters
The state has helped Naftogaz pay its bills, but Ukraine is in a deep recession that has stretched its finances and it depends on a $16.4 billion International Monetary Fund bailout.

LUKoil Closes Refinery After Pipeline Reversal

  • 05 October 09
  • Reuters
LUKoil said its decision to stop its refinery was a result of the decision by Ukraine's pipeline company, Ukrtransnafta, to stop pumping crude along the Lysychansk-Kremenchug-Odessa Refinery route Thursday.

Released Tank Ship Sails to Kenya Port

  • 13 February 09
  • Reuters
A Ukrainian ship laden with tanks and freed by Somali pirates after a five-month hijacking approached port in Kenya on Thursday with debate still ranging over ownership of the sensitive military cargo.

Russian Gas Reaches Europe Again Via Ukraine

  • 21 January 09
  • Reuters
Slovakia and Hungary say they are receiving gas, while the European Commission considers taking legal action.

Ukraine Reveals Terms of Kryvorizhstal Sale

  • 11 August 05
  • Reuters
Ukraine will stage its largest and most hotly contested privatization this year by reauctioning the vast Kryvorizhstal steel plant, it announced on Wednesday, with the starting price set at 10 billion hryvnas ($2 billion).

Ukraine Seen as a Fierce Competitor

  • 28 November 02
  • Reuters
Russia and Ukraine are set to become fierce competitors on the world grain market if they are squeezed out of European Union markets next year, analysts said Wednesday.

Yanukovich Promises Stability

  • 20 November 02
  • Reuters
Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma's nominee for prime minister promised Tuesday to bring stability to a country buffeted by corruption charges and allegations of arms sales to Iraq in breach of UN sanctions.

EU Quotas Raise Trade War Threat

  • 19 September 02
  • Reuters
Emerging grain exporters Ukraine and Russia will have to slash shipments to Europe if the European Union imposes a new global wheat import quota and high import duties.

11-Year-Old Digs for His Livelihood

  • 12 February 02
  • Reuters
Threatened by poverty, Ukrainian miners have taken matters into their own hands by hacking out shallow and dangerous coal pits which they mine themselves to make ends meet.

Putin Vows Aid to Kiev's Nuclear Plants

  • 17 December 01
  • Reuters
An new era of cooperation was hailed in on Friday as both Ukrainian and Russian presidents agreed to work together to develop the Ukraine's ailing nuclear power sector.

Ukraine Puts Hold On Duty-Free Sugar

  • 12 October 01
  • Reuters
Ukraine has temporarily banned duty-free imports of sugar from Russia and Belarus, skirting trade pacts.

An-225 Cargo Plane Takes Flight

  • 08 May 01
  • Reuters
The world's largest plane took to the air in Ukraine on Monday, completing a short test flight and fueling hopes for a recovery in the country's aviation industry.

Ukraine Sunseed Rally to End

  • 24 January 01
  • Reuters
A rally in Ukrainian sunflower seed prices in January is ending as world prices fall, but the downtrend is unlikely to last, traders said Wednesday.

One Button Ends a Nightmare

  • 15 December 00
  • Reuters
At midday Friday, a duty engineer in will press the button that begins the shutdown of the plant that caused the world's worst civil nuclear disaster.

Ukraine's Army Wants You -- And Your Cash

  • 12 October 00
  • Reuters
Ukraine's armed forces are throwing open their doors, offering tourists the chance to play soldiers.

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