Articles by Philippa Fletcher

Kremlin Concedes Kostunica Won

  • 07 October 00
  • Reuters
Russia is with the West against Slobodan Milosevic in backing Vojislav Kostunica as Yugoslavia’s leader.

Dutch Accused of Yugoslav Headhunt

Serbs Wary of Russia's Interests, Motives

NATO Bombs Belgrade Over Kosovo

Business Leaders Warn of 2000 Bug

Philip Morris Educates Kazakh Youth

Caspian Pipeline Gets a Boost With Feasibility Study Approval

Rybkin Says Hawks Put Chechen Peace at Risk

Chechnya Might Arrest Hostage-Taking Allies

Duma Set to Scrap Chubais' Tax Draft

Moldova Hopes Wine Will Help Revive CIS

Treaty Tightens Russia-Armenia Ties

Yeltsin Hails Fruit of Reform on Volga

Kremlin Starts Campaign To Promote Army Reform

Yeltsin's St. Pete Agenda: Reform, Arts

Yeltsin Welcomes Spanish King

New OSCE Envoy Says Chechnya Role to Shift

Russia Endorsed for WTO, Paris Club

Just Any Old Jet Won't Do

Kuzbass Miners See No End to Struggle

Condom Competition Forces Factory to Shut for Retooling

Russia Nears Tsarist-Bond Deal

Medical Workers Blast Health System

Yeltsin Awards Lebed's Rival Service Medal

Year After Truce, Peace Still Elusive

Maskhadov Attack Spurs Accusations

Russians Say Rebels Repulsed at Bamut

Russians Blast Symbolic Stronghold

Russian Mother Seeks Son Among Rebels

Russian General Dies as War Reignites