Articles by Irwin Arieff

UN to Hold a Bitter Vote on Arafat

  • 17 September 03
  • Reuters
Despite a U.S. veto threat, the Security Council was poised to vote Tuesday on a resolution put forward by Arab nations demanding that Israel not harm or deport Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

No Massacre in Jenin, UN Says in Report

  • 02 August 02
  • Reuters
A UN report on Israel's assault on the Jenin refugee camp rejected on Thursday Palestinian charges of a massacre but faulted the Jewish state for endangering civilians by using heavy weaponry in densely populated areas and keeping out aid workers.

3-Day Reprieve for UN Mission

  • 02 July 02
  • Reuters
The United States has backed away, for now, from a vow to kill off the UN peacekeeping mission in Bosnia in a clash with its Security Council colleagues over the powers of the new International Criminal Court.

2nd Car in Diana Crash A Boon for Plot Lovers

Choking Smog in Paris Forces Car Crackdown

Arafat, Jospin Discuss PLO-Israeli Impasse

Election Hinges on Turnout, Far Right

Jockeying Begins to Replace Juppe

PARIS -- Intense jockeying broke out on the French right Tuesday in a race to succeed humiliated Prime Minister Alain Jupp? as President Jacques Chirac prepared a plan to lure back angry voters in Sunday's parliamentary runoff vote. Chirac was looking at Philippe Seguin, popular speaker of the outgoing National Assembly, and Edouard Balladur, an urbane former premier, as candidates to succeed Jupp? if the right won the runoff, the daily Le Monde said in an unsourced report. It was also possible that Chirac could choose to appoint a premier from the business sector, the newspaper said. Should the left claim victory on Sunday, however, Chirac would have to name -- and share power with -- Socialist leader Lionel Jospin. Juppe announced on Monday that he would step down as premier, taking the blame for the ruling coalition's disastrous showing in Sunday's first round of the snap assembly election in which it was outscored by the combined left.

Poll Wins Increase Le Pen's Influence

Chirac Said Set to Intervene in Poll

France's Immigration Bill Sparks Riots

French Withdraw From Operation To Protect Kurds in Northern Iraq

France On Alert After Paris Bombing

Bomb Shatters Paris Train, Kills 2

French Say 'Bon Appetit' At Fewer Top Restaurants

Friends Say Mitterrand Planned Day of Death

French Railway Workers Vote to Return to Work

Parisians Ambivalent Over Week-Old Strike

In Reversal, Chirac Calls for Austerity

Contentious Paris-Algiers Meeting Called Off

French Raid Ends Comoran Crisis

Latest French Polls Foresee Runoff

French Workers Protest, Vow Further Action

Shootout on Streets of Paris Leaves 4 Dead, Sparks Anger

French Vines Promise Rosy Blend of Vintage, Prices