Articles by Tom Raum

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Exceeds 1,500

  • 05 March 05
  • The Associated Press
The conflict in Iraq can be told in numbers and milestones, from the more than 1,500 troops and many thousands of Iraqis who now have died to the number of weapons of mass destruction found -- zero.

Putin and Bush Spar in Values Exchange

  • 25 February 05
  • The Associated Press
Presidents Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush agreed Thursday on new efforts to keep nuclear arms out of dangerous hands, but sharp differences over the state of Russian democracy spilled into an open and sometimes prickly exchange.

Bush Seeks Thaw While Talking Tough

  • 22 February 05
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush, on a trip to thaw relations with Europe, prodded Russia not turn its back on democratic advances.

7 Eastern European States Join NATO

  • 31 March 04
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush welcomed seven former Soviet-bloc nations into NATO on Monday, saying the 55-year-old Western alliance would be strengthened because ""tyranny for them is still a fresh memory.""

Rivals Woo Voters as Primaries Near

  • 03 February 04
  • The Associated Press
Facing a major round of U.S. presidential primary elections on Tuesday, Democratic rivals worked to sway undecided voters.

APEC Summit Deals With N. Korea, Terrorism

  • 21 October 03
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush on Monday pushed for Asian support on a new overture to end a North Korean nuclear standoff that has cast a shadow over the region for more than a year. A new North Korean missile test underscored the prickly issue.

Bush Polarizing U.S. Ahead of '04 Election

  • 08 September 03
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush promised during the 2000 election that he would change the tone of politics in Washington. Yet seldom has U.S. politics been so polarized and uncivil, not just in the capital but across the country.

Compromises Made at Mideast Summit

  • 05 June 03
  • The Associated Press
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pledged Wednesday to dismantle illegal settlements in Palestinian areas, while the new Palestinian leader renounced all terrorism against Israel.

Lott Was Not the First to Make Gaffe

  • 24 December 02
  • The Associated Press
Political gaffes have ruined or threatened many a political career before Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott's self-inflicted woes.

Bush Will Assure Putin Over NATO

  • 20 November 02
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush said he'll assure President Vladimir Putin this week that Russia ""has nothing to fear"" from NATO expansion into territory once claimed by the Soviet Union.

NATO Leaders Embrace Russia

  • 29 May 02
  • The Associated Press
NATO, the alliance set up more than a half century ago for the Cold War containment of Russia, formally accepted its old enemy as a junior partner Tuesday.

Tactical Weapons Next Topic

  • 20 May 02
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush may raise the issue of Russia's stockpile of short-range nuclear weapons when he meets with President Vladimir Putin this week in Moscow.

Mideast Readies for a Two-Pronged Peace Initiative

  • 19 March 02
  • The Associated Press
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is joining forces with U.S. Middle East envoy Anthony Zinni in turning up American pressure for an elusive Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire.

Summit Leaves ABM Treaty Open for Change

Albanians Cheer Albright in Kosovo

U.S. Pilot Says Russian Laser Hurt Him

U.S. Senate Approves Russian Sanctions Bill

Dole Proposes 15 Percent Tax Cut

Clinton Calls Yeltsin to Talk Bosnia

Security Tight as Clinton Heads East

Clinton Lifts Sanctions Against Haiti

Pilot Flies Plane to Fatal Crash at White House