Articles by Jonathan Thatcher

N. Korean Accounts Unfrozen

  • 11 April 07
  • Reuters
he United States said Tuesday that Macao authorities had unblocked funds in frozen North Korean accounts, and told Pyongyang that it must now start shutting down a nuclear reactor, days before a deadline.

N. Korea Threatens Backlash

  • 13 October 06
  • Reuters
North Korea threatened Japan on Thursday with ""strong countermeasures"" if it went ahead with tougher sanctions over Pyongyang's reported nuclear test.

Aven: Let 50% of Banks Die Quickly

  • 08 August 03
  • Reuters
One of the country's top bankers urged tougher regulation of his own industry, warning that in an economy flush with oil money, loans were given too easily and could be the seed of a future crisis.

A Tycoon Who Likes to Start From Scratch

  • 07 July 03
  • Reuters
A friend had to remind Mikhail Fridman of his prediction -- accurate, as it turned out -- that the changes then destroying the Soviet Union would make them billionaires, in dollars, not valueless rubles.

ChevronTexaco: PSA the Key to Sakhalin-3

  • 30 September 02
  • Reuters
ChevronTexaco, the second-largest U.S. oil producer, on Friday held out prospects of significantly increasing its investments in energy-rich Russia, praising the government for its economic reforms.

Uzbeks Slow to Face Cotton Concerns

  • 27 September 02
  • Reuters
Some say that the outlook for Uzbekistan's cotton industry is far from bright and could spin into terminal decline unless an autocratic and insular government hurries up with reforms.

S&P Praises Russia, Upgrades Outlook

  • 25 February 02
  • Reuters
Standard & Poor, praising Russia's economic potential, has upgraded the country's rating to positive.

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