Articles by Matt Spetalnick

Obama, Medvedev Agree on Nuclear Arms Pact

  • 29 March 10
  • Reuters
Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev sealed a landmark arms-control treaty on Friday to slash their countries' nuclear arsenals by a third and will sign it on April 8 in Prague.

Bush Leaves Obama A Litany of Problems

  • 20 January 09
  • Reuters
Two unfinished wars, the U.S. economy deep in recession, the budget deficit about to hit $1 trillion and America's image badly tarnished abroad.

Bush Wins Europe's Backing on Iran

  • 17 June 08
  • Reuters
U.S. President George W. Bush won Europe's backing on Monday for tighter sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program and secured a British pledge to send more troops to Afghanistan.

Bush Extends an Olive Branch

  • 10 November 06
  • Reuters
The U.S. president calls for a new era of bipartisanship with congressional Democrats.

Bush Seeks to Pressure North Korea

  • 07 July 06
  • Reuters
Sergei Lavrov warns that sanctions would be counterproductive, and advocates diplomacy.

Settlers Prepare to Give Beach Back to Palestine

  • 21 June 05
  • Reuters
With baggy shorts, a deep tan and a gleaming white surfboard, Lior Barda looks like any surfer dude as he scans the Mediterranean for the perfect wave.

Gusinsky Fight in Spain May Last Year

  • 20 December 00
  • Reuters
A Spanish court battle over the extradition of Russian media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky could drag on for a year or more before a decision is finally made on his fate, Spanish government sources said Tuesday.

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