Articles by Molly Moore

EU Divided Over New Members

  • 18 May 06
  • The Washington Post
Some EU members, fearful of losing jobs and influence, are not convinced that Bulgaria and Romania should be accepted.

Milosevic Found Dead in His Cell

  • 13 March 06
  • The Washington Post
The former Yugoslav president spent the last four years on trial over war crimes in the 1990s.

Street Violence Against Police Spreads in Paris

  • 03 November 05
  • The Washington Post
Clashes between angry youths and French police spread to at least six Paris suburbs Tuesday night, with police firing tear gas and rubber-coated bullets at street fighters who lobbed Molotov cocktails and burned cars and trash cans.

UN Tracks Suspect to Monastery

  • 22 September 05
  • The Washington Post
The chief prosecutor for the United Nations tribunal for Balkans war crimes has said that a Roman Catholic monastery in Croatia is sheltering a fugitive Croatian general charged with atrocities against Serb civilians and that the Vatican has refused pleas to help find him.

Arafat Buried Amid Chaos in West Bank

  • 15 November 04
  • The Washington Post
The helicopter carrying Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's body touched the ground Friday, and his impassioned mourners surged forward.

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